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Working with The 1947 Partition Archive to Record Oral Histories

At Kloudless, it’s awesome seeing all the cool stuff being built on our API. Once in a while, we get the opportunity to work with a nonprofit organization with an amazing philanthropic mission. Today, I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with The 1947 Partition Archive to make recording oral histories easier for everyone around … Continue Reading

The Emergence of Storage API's & File App Ecosystems

We’re excited to announce that Kloudless co-founder and VP of Engineering Vinod Chandru will be speaking at DataWeek + API World 2014 Conference & Expo (Sept 15-17), San Francisco’s largest Data + API conference of 2014! DataWeek + API World 2014 Conference & Expo has more than 100+ talks and opportunities to interact with 200+ new … Continue Reading

How to create folders using the File Picker

Sometimes your users might have documents that don’t fit into their current organizational scheme. They’ll have to create a new folder. Going to whatever cloud storage service of their choice, creating a new folder, and then going back to your app is certainly an option, but it’s a painful one. 🙁 Why put your users … Continue Reading

Zen and the Art of API Error Handling

Error Responses API errors have been overhauled and follow a new, more descriptive format. This allows you to handle errors from the various storage services in a single, consistent manner. Consistency in error handling can help you when you’re debugging errors. Because Kloudless abstracts away the details of individual cloud storage APIs, it is even … Continue Reading