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Getting Started with Kloudless Webhooks

Introduction There are times when your application needs to keep up with changes that take place in your users’ cloud storage. Perhaps your application needs to perform an action when new files appear, or needs to update its state when files are modified/deleted. Kloudless solves this problem by making an HTTP request (a “webhook“) to … Continue Reading

How to Integrate SharePoint Without Devoted Resources

We’re excited to announce that the Kloudless API now supports SharePoint, to offer an easier way to build apps for Microsoft’s enterprise collaboration tool. With our single, unified API, developers can now integrate SharePoint along with 11 other cloud storage services. Microsoft SharePoint is still a market leader in content collaboration and has a strong … Continue Reading

How To Download Usage Reports

You can now download API Request and Bandwidth usage reports from your Developer Portal’s Account page. To download your reports, sign in to your Developer Portal, navigate to Account (found in the drop down under your user name). At the bottom of the page, you have the option to export your usage report. Usage reports … Continue Reading

Now Open-Sourced: Kloudless File Picker

Kloudless has open-sourced its File Picker, part of the Kloudless UI toolkit. The File Picker allows users to browse and select files and folders from their storage services. Developers can immediately access File Picker on GitHub, along with other software development kits (SDKs) and UI tools. Open-sourcing File Picker enables easier customizations, debugging and self-hosting … Continue Reading