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Taipei Weiya Party

This January, the Taipei office had a joyful event at our 2nd Annual Kloudless Weiya Party hosted at Foodie. Traditionally, the purpose of this event is for employers to treat their employees to a banquet to thank them for their hard work throughout the year, kind of like a Holiday Party in the US. Weiya … Continue Reading

Monitoring changes in Salesforce

Introduction Kloudless offers a unified Events API for developers to retrieve real-time notifications via Webhooks for any cloud service that we support. We’ve had to build a unique technical implementation for events from Salesforce based on the different options to efficiently track changes. Salesforce recently updated their platform with two new guides on how to … Continue Reading

Integrating with File Storage vs. Object Storage

There are two broad categories of cloud storage for unstructured data: File Storage: A personal cloud that users use to synchronize and collaborate on files. Examples include Dropbox and Google Drive. Object Storage: A component of an application’s stack that stores unstructured binary data as files or “blobs”. Examples include Amazon S3 and Google Cloud … Continue Reading

Boost sales with seamless integrations

In the saturated landscape of sales productivity tools, companies that seamlessly integrate with sales team’s myriad systems stand a chance of rising above the rest. One such company–we’ll call them SellWell Ltd.– successfully leveraged Kloudless to add connectivity to their list of differentiators. Read on to discover how they did it. The Company SellWell Ltd. … Continue Reading

Keep users' data at their fingertips with Cross-Cloud Search

The key to digital transformation is access to data. Applications strive to break down silos by surfacing data within their user interface to access and modify. Sources of data could either be structured, such as within CRM systems, or unstructured, such as files in on-premises or cloud storage. In this post, we’ll review how apps … Continue Reading

Provisioning Kloudless projects dynamically for each customer

One of the first tasks a new Kloudless developer must step through is to create a Kloudless project, also known as a “Kloudless Application.” This is a container that holds all of the configuration required to customize an integration’s appearance, behavior, authorization credentials, and more. A common pattern is to create a project for development … Continue Reading

API requests at scale: Rate-limits and Quotas

Most multi-tenant cloud services have a strategy to ensure fair quality of service to all users on their platform. This includes ensuring the service is available and responsive to both human users as well as bots and applications that access the service via its API. A rate limit for the API achieves this by ensuring … Continue Reading