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Introducing the Kloudless Postman collection

We’re excited to announce that Kloudless developers now have access to a pre-built Postman collection to quickly connect accounts and test out API requests. Try it out here: Kloudless is a unified API platform that enables you to easily integrate several cloud services with a single implementation. Postman is an API development environment that streamlines … Continue Reading

Transferring Box file ownership while preserving version history

Data security apps integrate with several different cloud providers via Kloudless, enabling them to offer solutions such as Data Loss Prevention across multiple content repositories without having to learn the ins-and-outs of each one. Security-oriented apps commonly need to identify malicious or compromised files or objects. For example, by scanning through all content in a … Continue Reading

Integrating with on-prem apps via the Kloudless Connect proxy

Kloudless is a Unified API that abstracts away differences between different APIs to create a uniform interface for developers. Users can connect any supported service account without developers having to integrate each service into their apps individually. Applications that access user data sometimes need to connect to on-premises services. This is a common situation for … Continue Reading

How unified APIs work with custom fields

Kloudless provides a unified API that enables developers to integrate several software apps with a single implementation. Unified APIs like Kloudless provide an abstraction layer to handle the different data models that each third-party service defines. The API layer provides a common set of functionality, and fills in gaps where needed. For this to be … Continue Reading

Custom Authentication to a private Docker Registry with Nginx, Lua, and AWS ECR

Background Here at Kloudless, we provide a Docker Container for Kloudless Enterprise that makes it easy to manage a Kloudless Enterprise cluster using industry standard tools like Docker Swarm or Kubernetes. For some background, Kloudless provides a unified API that enables engineering teams to quickly integrate several software apps with a single implementation. This means … Continue Reading