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Comparing the Slack Discovery API with the Web API

Slack includes multiple APIs to access different types of content within various editions of Slack. We decided to explore some of the differences in the capabilities of these two APIs. HackerNoon recently approved publication of our article on this topic. Click here to read!

Monitoring PostgreSQL with Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Grafana

Kloudless uses Telegraf and InfluxDB for our system and application metrics as well as Grafana for visualizations and alerting. Telegraf allows us great flexibility in terms of data sources. It supports everything from the StatsD wire-protocol to custom shell scripts and database queries. Together, these tools form InfluxData’s TICK stack. For context, Kloudless provides an … Continue Reading

Sending Files From Feature Phones Using Twilio and Kloudless

*This article was co-authored by  Kyle Kelly-Yahner and was originally published in June of 2014 The feature phone is getting smarter and smarter every day.  Using feature phones, you can send cat pictures using space age technology from the moon landing, find out exactly where your bus is, or unlock your apartment — all via text. The folks at Kloudless came … Continue Reading

Building something special: Kloudless announces construction connector integrations.

Kloudless is proud to announce the release of their new construction connector package which features connectivity to four of the most powerful and heavily-used tools in the construction software sector. As of right now, developers can implement connections to Bluebeam, PlanGrid, Procore and Autodesk through Kloudless’ powerful unified storage API. The construction industry, more than … Continue Reading

Working with Dropbox namespaces

A Dropbox namespace is a collection of files and folders that are within a single shared folder, team folder, or app folder, or within a team’s root folder or a user’s home folder. Namespaces provide the ability to access these types of folders and their contents without having to specify the entire path the folder … Continue Reading

Kloudless announces Autodesk integration

When it comes to companies that need access to a multitude of files and documents across all available cloud file storage options, few surpass those in the construction business. From initial blueprints and submittals, to RFIs and photos; document creation and transferral is the backbone of the construction industry. Hanley Wood, an analytics-driven and construction-focused … Continue Reading

Five Hidden Obstacles with the Salesforce Streaming API

Introduction A previous blog post of ours provided a brief overview of the different options available for Salesforce events. Today, we’ll look at some hidden obstacles developers encounter when designing a solution that uses the Salesforce Streaming API, as well as just with Salesforce’s APIs in general. 1. Rate Limits We start with what seems … Continue Reading