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Comparing the Slack Discovery API with the Web API

Kloudless supports the Slack Discovery API as part of our Unified APIs for DLP, CASB, and e-Discovery use cases, enabling developers to integrate several software apps by writing code just once. Learn more here. Slack includes multiple APIs to access different types of content within various editions of Slack. For example, in addition to the … Continue Reading

Wait a minute, Mr. Postman: Kloudless at the SF API Network Event

On April 23rd, Postman held a meetup at their San Francisco Headquarters and our own Customer Success Engineer, Chris Prochnow, led a walkthrough of the benefits that the Kloudless Postman Collection provides him in his role of assisting developers in accessing our Unified APIs. Postman, for those unfamiliar with the company, offers a wide range … Continue Reading

Product Updates: Q1 in Review

Now that March has come to a close and we kick off spring, it’s a good time to reflect on what we’ve been working on this winter. For Q1, we’ve launched a wide range of enhancements including updates to our Core API functionality, new integrations, improved team management, new UI tools and SDKs to get … Continue Reading

Unified APIs – 3 stories of company success

Here at Kloudless, we take great pride in helping companies reach their goals through the use of our products. Whether it’s saving time and money, getting to market quicker, or helping their integrations scale at a faster pace; we absolutely enjoy hearing how our Unified APIs have helped so many codebases find the success they … Continue Reading

We Want to Send You to GlueCon 2019!

We are so excited to announce our sponsorship of the annual GlueCon conference, which takes place from May 22nd to 23rd in Broomfield, Colorado. GlueCon is a one-stop shop for exploring the future of technology, learning about the latest developments in various fields, and mingling with a community of experts. Our amazing Head of Content, … Continue Reading

A Day in the Life of Founding CTO Vinod Chandru

Vinod Chandru is the CTO and Co-Founder at Kloudless, where he builds product, leads customer success and solutions engineering, and enables customers to accelerate their application integrations. Learn about what his typical day looks like and how he handles so many responsibilities on his plate.

Schedule Easy: Our Unified Calendar API eBook is Available Now!

We are thrilled to announce the release of our Unified Calendar API eBook, Schedule Easy, available now. The Kloudless Unified Calendar API was built to simplify your application’s necessary scheduling functionality. Dealing with calendar integrations for your application can be a headache. Simply learning the ins-and-outs of a single calendar API service can take you … Continue Reading

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019 Takeaways

Stack Overflow released the results for their Developer Survey for 2019 and I’ve been poring over them all morning! The annual survey provides a great look at what developers around the world are working in, care about, or generally hold strong opinions on. (I know. That seems so out of character for software engineers.) With … Continue Reading