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Event Changes in Kloudless’ Construction Connectors

Here at Kloudless, we strive to continually update and support our connector offerings to better help our customers solve their API integration needs. Back in March, we released our initial construction connectors, which you can read all about here. These offerings include integrations with some of the most powerful platforms in the construction tech space … Continue Reading

Cloud VS On-Premise – What’s Right for You?

In the modern world of enterprise IT, cloud computing has become an indispensable tool for the integration of outside services through remote servers handling requests and responses for the data that drives our lives. However, not too long ago, integrating with third-party services meant housing servers on-site and maintaining those connections yourself. This is referred … Continue Reading

Stick and Move: Strategies for Fighting Technical Debt

In the fast-paced world of software development, there is a fine line between “doing it fast,” and “doing it right.” Deadlines and time-to-market often dictate a pace that can lead engineering teams to implement features or code fixes in the easiest way possible. The benefit of this is that a product can release fast and … Continue Reading

Strategy for Increasing Business Intelligence Market Share – Analytics requires native connectivity to be actionable

Definition of Business Analytics Category A business analytics platform serves the purposes of data preparation, intake, visualization, and insight discovery. A Business Intelligence (BI) platform’s modernity lies in its decreased reliance on IT teams to store information and define data models. What citizen integrators are to iPaaS, citizen data scientists are to business analytics. Where … Continue Reading

Tool up your API integration testing with OpenAPI

APIs have become the adhesive that holds the modern web together, reflecting the changing nature of web apps.  The modern web application is no longer a self-contained hub for the distribution of its own data. Once repositories of their own unique resources, web apps have become a mesh of internal and external data and other information, all … Continue Reading

Code Hard, Play Hard: Hackathon Veteran Chih-Hung Talks About His Experiences

Name: Chih-Hung ChenTitle: Senior Software EngineerGithub: hong19Hobbies: Fantasy novels and longboarding Favorite ice cream flavor: Meiji’s milk cookie. I love ice cream with crispy chips inside. Chih-Hung is one of our Senior Software Engineers on the Developer Experience (DX) team here at Kloudless. The Developer Experience (DX) team is mainly focused on the front-end but occasionally … Continue Reading

Maximize Field Service Execution: Sharing tribal knowledge with the help of Unified APIs

The company ServiceMax’s Zinc product line is a real-time communications platform focused on field service workers. Their product gives these workers access to people, systems and correspondence that allow them to complete their job in a timely manner. Field service workers operate in unpredictable environments and encounter equipment of varying ages. This makes trouble-shooting with … Continue Reading