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It Just Keeps On Getting Better: The New Revamped Kloudless Meeting Scheduler

We offer a wealth of cloud calendar services through our Kloudless Unified Calendar API, including Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook Calendar, iCloud, and more. However, to ensure that applications leveraging Kloudless for their calendar integrations can provide their users with a simple user experience, we provide an intuitive UI-tool, the Kloudless Meeting Scheduler.  The Kloudless … Continue Reading

Announcing the upcoming Kloudless Webinar, “Integrate for the Future.”

Businesses everywhere are using multiple cloud applications for productivity, security, and more – your customers need interoperability with all of them. For the best user experience, you should incorporate integrations directly, instead of pushing off the work to your end-users. A precise and well-thought-out integration strategy increases customer adoption and engagement – making your product … Continue Reading

Preparing for Launch: 5 Things Product Managers Should Do Before a Product Launch

Preparing to launch an application? Check out our brand new Official Guide to API Integrations now for helpful insight into everything from planning your product roadmap to deployment! A product launch is simultaneously the most exciting and terrifying part of a Product Manager’s job. Months to years of hard work, preparation, and strategic planning come … Continue Reading

Manage Your Initial Success: 4 Articles That Every Product Manager Should Read Before Starting Your Product Roadmap

The difference between a good product manager and a great product manager is mostly based on preparation. A good product manager knows when to pivot and realign their team’s goals. A great product manager minimizes the chance of unforeseen speed bumps in their development by thoroughly planning their product roadmap through market research. Because that’s … Continue Reading

Kloudless Q2 Product Update Recap

It’s a wrap for Q2, and we have been hard at work improving our recently launched Construction connectors, extending the Unified Calendar API, and enhancing our platform! Building Up the PlatformLet’s review the platform updates. To help improve efficiency in development, last month we launched our 2.0 version of both the Python and Java SDKs, … Continue Reading

The Kloudless SaaS API Integration Glossary is Now Live!

When it comes to API integration terminology, you could publish an entire dictionary for terms specific to SaaS. Or, better yet, you could publish a glossary. Well, lucky for you, that’s exactly what we just did! We are proud to announce that the Kloudless SaaS API Integration Glossary is now live. Our comprehensive list of … Continue Reading