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The Kloudless Guide to Cloud Security

David Hallinan

API integrations do not have an industry that they offer the most specific value to. They are invaluable for applications that are focused on everything from file sharing to scheduling and availability. Cloud services, and especially SaaS applications, are not a single monolith that dictates a certain workflow or specified industry — they are the backbone of the modern web application.

4 helpful ways to get the most out of S3-compatible services with the Kloudless Unified Storage API

Amazon S3, or Simple Storage Service, is the web’s most popular object storage service. Unlike file storage, which is usually accessed through a visual interface, S3 and S3-compatible object storage services are accessed through a REST API. Each object in an S3-compatible service is stored as a file with its metadata included and is given … Continue Reading

Storing user-uploaded content on S3-compatible services with Kloudless’ File Picker

When choosing the right cloud storage service to integrate into your application, you must first decide which type of storage best fit your needs. Does your app simply require the ability to share internal documents among coworkers, or are you looking to store thousands of user-uploaded pictures and high-quality video files? While both of these … Continue Reading

How to monitor activity in S3, using SNS and SQS

Amazon S3 is one of the most popular object storage services that apps use today. Monitoring S3 buckets for activity can be very beneficial, depending on the reason the bucket stores data. For example, the Kloudless File Picker provides an easy way for users to upload content to an app’s S3 bucket. Apps can monitor … Continue Reading

Working with Documents via the PlanGrid API

Stepping into the Construction scene PlanGrid, the leading construction productivity software, is one of Kloudless’ earliest customers. PlanGrid uses the Kloudless File Picker to allow contractors to transfer documents and drawings from and to cloud storage services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more, using Kloudless’ unified Cloud Storage API. In the recent past, … Continue Reading

Popular cloud apps' API authentication schemes: OAuth 2.0, API Keys, and more

Kloudless provides unified APIs to connect to several cloud apps with a single implementation. Kloudless engineers commonly field questions on how users connect their cloud accounts to Kloudless apps and how the process works across the different authentication schemes cloud providers use. The Kloudless API’s abstraction layer begins right from authentication; Kloudless provides a uniform … Continue Reading

Integrating with File Storage vs. Object Storage

There are two broad categories of cloud storage for unstructured data: File Storage: A personal cloud that users use to synchronize and collaborate on files. Examples include Dropbox and Google Drive. Object Storage: A component of an application’s stack that stores unstructured binary data as files or “blobs”. Examples include Amazon S3 and Google Cloud … Continue Reading

Kick Size Restrictions to the Curb

With improved Multipart and URL uploads, we can kiss goodbye to file size restrictions and say hello to efficiency. URL Uploads URL uploads enable files to be obtained from a URL and uploaded to a location in cloud storage. Previously, file sizes were limited to only 100 MB. Now, URL uploads can support file sizes greater … Continue Reading