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Hello Everyone!

I’m Vivian, and I’m the current marketing intern at Kloudless. I’ve been working here since January and so far it’s been an awesome experience. For the last month, I’ve been supporting our marketing team in creating awareness around Kloudless and our partner platforms. If you haven’t already heard, we’ve just welcomed Copy.com users to the family with our newest integration.

I’m here today to introduce our newest series… Frontback Fridays! Frontback takes a photo using both the front and back camera on your phone. Think of it as an enhanced selfie.

While cliche, the work hard play hard mentality gets us through every day. And in the spirit of sharing, here’s a glimpse of what that actually looks like.

If you like it then you better #PutASunOnIt

This week I was sent to the LAUNCH Festival. I hung out in the demo pit and checked out a lot of cool new companies.

Me holding back tears of jealousy.

The Omni booth was definitely the first thing that caught my eye! Someone told me this particular employee has been “demonstrating” the product for about an hour now. I guess this guy is just really dedicated to his job.

Guy in the back is in complete awe in his presence.

What’s in the middle of a small crowd forming on the demo floor?  Hey! It’s Mark Cuban being interviewed by Swell Radio.

Thanks Poppin for the chic notebook swag!

Lise and I observe as CEO Eliot makes friends with the guys at Lob.  They’re working on a simple API to integrate print & mail solutions into applications. Seems like something that would work really well with our new platform for developers.


Won an hour of cleaning services, woo!  Handybook makes finding a maid or handyman as easy as booking a hotel room.

POP Poll! Who do you think is more fun?! Lise or Eliot? We’re trying to figure it out via Bedloo!


Does this remind anyone else of EVE from WALL-E?

Last but not least, looks like someone re-invented R2D2. The Knightscope robot uses numerous sensors and predictive analytics to predict and prevent crime. It’s designed for large spaces, like campuses, vacant buildings, and warehouses.

Clear skies or not, it’s a Kloudless day! Thanks for reading! What other new companies should we be excited about? Let us know in the comments.


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