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Kloudless Unified APIs enable you to code once and integrate many

Here at Kloudless, we are proud to bring cloud connectivity to enterprise software. We offer unrivaled ease-of-implementation and handle all of the future maintenance and updates for every major offering within specific categories of cloud services; namely cloud storage, calendar CRM, construction, ITSM, and messaging.

However, we’ve been hard at work on bringing a brand new line of categorical connectivity to our customers, and today we are happy to announce the newest in our offering of Unified APIs: Email.

The brand new Kloudless Unified Email API is now available and ready to handle all of your enterprise software’s needs when it comes to email integration.

Email Drives Business

There are three main email providers that modern businesses utilize for their electronic mailing needs: Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange. There are countless industries within SaaS applications that rely on email integration, with Sales Enablement and HR solutions being some of the largest verticals. Sales teams, for instance, spend the majority of their time composing, responding to, and tracking down emails. In order to increase responsiveness, engage more customers, and accelerate sales, these applications need email API integrations built right into their codebase.

Email integration is no easy task, however, and applications that need to support different email providers for their users may find themselves facing months of development time and hundreds of thousands of dollars of engineering expenses. 

Kloudless Streamlines Your Application’s Email Functionality

The Kloudless Unified Email API offers support for Gmail, Outlook, and Exchange in both a cloud and an on-premise solution. Developers can easily integrate with these email providers within a single Unified API instead of building each connection out separately. This not only removes the need for software engineers to learn the unique documentation of each individual service but entirely removes all future maintenance and updates of these connections. 

The Kloudless Unified Email API also supports extensive activity monitoring, which allows for the real-time notification of new emails, ensuring that no important correspondence gets missed due to a lag in notification delivery. Kloudless also offers additional functionality to these email services where the native functionality is lacking. Exchange Server, for example, does not support webhooks for new email, but Kloudless can still provide real-time event notification with webhooks by monitoring Exchange on the backend.

The Kloudless Unified Email API provides a single set of API endpoints and data models to retrieve, send, delete, and monitor mailboxes, messages, and even attachments within any of the supported email services. 

Some of the supported features at launch include:

  • Connect to a user’s individual mailbox as well as org-wide mailboxes.
  • Read all emails, threads, and attachments.
  • Create and send emails.
  • Search for emails within a mailbox.
  • Monitor for any new incoming emails.

We are looking forward to bringing much more functionality in the near future, including folder browsing, email deletion, sending emails with built-in open and link click tracking, and much more.

Whether your software is focused on Sales Enablement, HR Solutions, Data Security, E-Commerce, Health Care or more, email integrations can help streamline your workflow and increase productivity. We’d love to help your software succeed with our Unified Email API.

To learn more about the Unified Email API, please head over to our Email API product page to find out all of the built-in features and functionality, or send us an email to hello@kloudless.com.


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