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Five Hidden Obstacles with the Salesforce Streaming API

Introduction A previous blog post of ours provided a brief overview of the different options available for Salesforce events. Today, we’ll look at some hidden obstacles developers encounter when designing a solution that uses the Salesforce Streaming API, as well as just with Salesforce’s APIs in general. 1. Rate Limits We start with what seems … Continue Reading

Introducing shared Kloudless projects for teams

Kloudless enables developers to integrate several third-party apps by writing code just once. Developers rarely work alone though; the majority of Kloudless projects that reach production involve multiple developers from the same team or company. Until recently, Kloudless developers either had to share credentials to collaborate on the same Kloudless project, or work on individual … Continue Reading

Monitoring changes in Salesforce

Introduction Kloudless offers a unified Events API for developers to retrieve real-time notifications via Webhooks for any cloud service that we support. We’ve had to build a unique technical implementation for events from Salesforce based on the different options to efficiently track changes. Salesforce recently updated their platform with two new guides on how to … Continue Reading

Create your own calendar tool

Since we released our new Meeting Scheduler UI Tool (blog post), many developers have wondered what’s going on under the hood. We’ll be walking through the best way to implement your own Meeting Scheduler using the Kloudless Calendar API. Authenticate your users’ calendar accounts As a developer, you want to provide the optimal user experience, … Continue Reading

Sharing files with Citrix ShareFile: a Look at the API

Disclaimer: This is coming from my personal experience with the Citrix ShareFile API and other cloud storage APIs. It is meant as a summary of the good aspects as well as the “gotchas” that I have encountered. Hopefully it will provide some insight into decisions that were made when designing the Kloudless API. Developing for … Continue Reading

Migrating Google Docs to Google Drive

Google’s Data Standardization Google has been known as the king of (big) data, and Kloudless integrates with Gmail to move data from email to cloud storage. Google’s push for organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful was ahead of its time. This clearly shows in Google’s design of a data protocol … Continue Reading