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Kloudless Unified APIs enable you to code once and integrate many

Kloudless is proud to announce the release of their new construction connector package which features connectivity to four of the most powerful and heavily-used tools in the construction software sector. As of right now, developers can implement connections to Bluebeam, PlanGrid, Procore and Autodesk through Kloudless’ powerful unified storage API.

The construction industry, more than almost any other business sector, has a copious need for document storage, transfer, and retrieval. From initial blueprints and submittals to RFIs and photos; document creation and transferral is the backbone of the construction industry. Because of this, Kloudless partnered with many software companies to provide storage API integration solutions to the construction industry, including StructionSite, SmartBid and more, to help ease the workload and increase the speed to market for these construction-based applications. Noting the success that these companies have had with providing their users integration with different storage services through the unified storage API, Kloudless worked hard over the past months to provide integration with these popular construction management tools.

Instead of spending valuable time and resources integrating with all of the storage platforms your application’s users may need to improve their workflow across the different construction software they may use, a developer can integrate with Kloudless and provide their users with all cloud-based file storage services in the time it would take to integrate a single one. Through the open-source UI library, Kloudless File Picker, Kloudless can replicate the look and feel of an application’s file structure so users feel right at home when using the File Picker to prompt the selection of files in cloud storage. File Picker can also be used with other construction applications to pull files, or push files to a desired folder location.

That’s why Kloudless is thrilled to announce the rollout of these construction connectors in our already powerful Kloudless storage API. If an application needs to allows its users to access construction project management documents and metadata from any of these platforms, a developer can now use the Kloudless storage API to access project documents in addition to all of our previously available storage API services. Through the use of the Kloudless File Picker, applications can effortlessly allow access to project data from within your app, in addition to data from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Egnyte and other cloud storage services.

For more information or to inquire about a demo of this functionality, please email hello@kloudless.com.


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