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This post is by our engineering intern, Ellen Luo.

Receive real-time updates for Google and Outlook Calendar with the new Events endpoint for the Calendar API!

The Events endpoint allows your application to easily keep track of calendar items that have been added, modified or deleted in your primary calendar. This Events endpoint is part of our broader Events API to monitor activity in connected accounts, and should not be confused with the Calendar Events API that enables access to calendar appointments.

Retrieving activity data with the Events API

To start using the Events API, check the box beside “Collect Events” in the App Details page of the Developer Portal. Kloudless will automatically begin to collect activity data for any newly connected Google or Outlook Calendar accounts. Google Calendar allows real-time updates of changes to users’ accounts so event data is updated in at most 1.5 minutes. For Outlook Calendar, Kloudless queries the service repeatedly to find changes. This means that event data will be updated on average every 15 minutes in our cloud and 1-5 minutes in private installs (configurable).

Requesting activity data

To return a list of all recent events collected, make a request to https://api.kloudless.com/v1/accounts/{account_id}/events/ with your connected account’s ID and Bearer token (or application API Key). A sample request is shown below:

Parsing the response

The response will contain a list objects of all the events. Each object has a type, which indicates the type of change. Right now, the only events that are detected are “add” (object created), “update” (existing object modified), and “delete” (object deleted). Each event object will have the updated metadata of the object modified. More information about the Events API and sample responses can be found in the Kloudless docs here.


In the future, we will add support for retrieving activity data for calendars other than the account’s primary calendar. We will also be working towards including more specific event types and expanding support to more calendaring APIs. We’re excited to make the Calendar API Activity Stream endpoint available to all developers on our platform and would love to hear any feedback or suggestions on Twitter, the comments below, or at hello@kloudless.com.


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