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The New and Improved Kloudless File Picker 2.0

We here at Kloudless know the pains of API integrations as well as anyone. Once your developers wade through hundreds of pages of documentation, devote countless hours to writing the code to connect with an API service, and rigorously test all of these connections to ensure they stay sound, they are still left with the … Continue Reading

Kloudless Opens Up Platform to the Developer Community

App developers can now extend Kloudless’ functionalities themselves and also utilize the platform alongside their favorite tools. SAN FRANCISCO – October 9, 2019 – Kloudless, the Unified API Platform, announced at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2019 new capabilities and partnerships that enable developers to customize Kloudless’ functionality specifically for their own application stack. More than 21,000 … Continue Reading

Kloudless: Google Drive API v3 Update

Here at Kloudless, a considerable amount of our time is spent on making our Unified APIs as robust as possible. We aren’t content with our work until we feel like we can offer our clients an unprecedented level of functionality from our unified endpoints. Whether it be Storage, Calendar, or CRM services that our customers … Continue Reading

Kloudy Containers: How Kloudless Leverages Kubernetes

Containerization quickly became one of the largest emerging software technologies of the past decade. Docker, the largest of container providers, has become the defacto standard when it comes to packaging up code and dependencies into units of software. Docker is an open-source project that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers, for the sake … Continue Reading

It Just Keeps On Getting Better: The New Revamped Kloudless Meeting Scheduler

We offer a wealth of cloud calendar services through our Kloudless Unified Calendar API, including Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook Calendar, iCloud, and more. However, to ensure that applications leveraging Kloudless for their calendar integrations can provide their users with a simple user experience, we provide an intuitive UI-tool, the Kloudless Meeting Scheduler.  The Kloudless … Continue Reading

Kloudless Q2 Product Update Recap

It’s a wrap for Q2, and we have been hard at work improving our recently launched Construction connectors, extending the Unified Calendar API, and enhancing our platform! Building Up the PlatformLet’s review the platform updates. To help improve efficiency in development, last month we launched our 2.0 version of both the Python and Java SDKs, … Continue Reading