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Kloudless announces Procore integration

When it comes to companies that need access to a multitude of files and documents across all available cloud file storage options, few surpass those in the construction business. From initial blueprints and submittals to RFIs and photos, document creation and transferral is the backbone of the construction industry. Hanley Wood, an analytics-driven and construction-focused … Continue Reading

4 helpful ways to get the most out of S3-compatible services with the Kloudless Unified Storage API

Amazon S3, or Simple Storage Service, is the web’s most popular object storage service. Unlike file storage, which is usually accessed through a visual interface, S3 and S3-compatible object storage services are accessed through a REST API. Each object in an S3-compatible service is stored as a file with its metadata included and is given … Continue Reading

Introducing shared Kloudless projects for teams

Kloudless enables developers to integrate several third-party apps by writing code just once. Developers rarely work alone though; the majority of Kloudless projects that reach production involve multiple developers from the same team or company. Until recently, Kloudless developers either had to share credentials to collaborate on the same Kloudless project, or work on individual … Continue Reading

Converting third-party IDs to Kloudless ones

In our previous post, we covered how to use the Pass-through API in conjunction with the Kloudless unified APIs to make requests to any endpoint supported by the upstream service. In several cases, apps need to subsequently use data in the response received from upstream APIs with other Kloudless API endpoints. This poses a challenge … Continue Reading

Storing user-uploaded content on S3-compatible services with Kloudless’ File Explorer

When choosing the right cloud storage service to integrate into your application, you must first decide which type of storage best fit your needs. Does your app simply require the ability to share internal documents among coworkers, or are you looking to store thousands of user-uploaded pictures and high-quality video files? While both of these … Continue Reading

Introducing the Kloudless Postman collection

We’re excited to announce that Kloudless developers now have access to a pre-built Postman collection to quickly connect accounts and test out API requests. Try it out here: Kloudless is a unified API platform that enables you to easily integrate several cloud services with a single implementation. Postman is an API development environment that streamlines … Continue Reading