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SignNow and Egnyte: A Case Study in the Benefits of Unified API Integration

Here at Kloudless, we often find that companies benefit from our Unified APIs’ ability to provide integration for many different services at once. By coding once and integrating with multiple APIs, developers can skip the tedious process of combing through documentation, testing, and having to manually update their code so it plays well with other … Continue Reading

We Want to Send You to GlueCon 2019!

We are so excited to announce our sponsorship of the annual GlueCon conference, which takes place from May 22nd to 23rd in Broomfield, Colorado. GlueCon is a one-stop shop for exploring the future of technology, learning about the latest developments in various fields, and mingling with a community of experts. Our amazing Head of Content, … Continue Reading

5 things to know before using the Kloudless Calendar API

Here at Kloudless, we take scheduling very seriously, and we think your users should too. With our robust Calendar API, you can seamlessly integrate scheduling and event functionality into your application, leaving you more time to focus on the important stuff. To help you better understand the Kloudless Calendar API, we’ve put together 5 important … Continue Reading

Boost sales with seamless integrations

In the saturated landscape of sales productivity tools, companies that seamlessly integrate with sales team’s myriad systems stand a chance of rising above the rest. One such company–we’ll call them SellWell Ltd.– successfully leveraged Kloudless to add connectivity to their list of differentiators. Read on to discover how they did it. The Company SellWell Ltd. … Continue Reading

Empowering Employee Success with Calendar Integrations

We’ve seen an uptick in companies using Kloudless in the employee success space and thought we’d share one of their achievements. The company–we’ll call it WorkWell Inc.–chose Kloudless for its specific calendaring needs. Here’s some context: The Company WorkWell Inc. helps companies make their workers feel appreciated. They do this mainly through employee experience apps, … Continue Reading

Lessons learned while moving beyond bespoke integrations

Recently an educational technology company – let’s call it EdTech Co. for now – signed up for Kloudless in order to move beyond its inherited, bespoke integration strategy. First, here’s some background on the company. EdTech Co. supports both educators and students in schools, universities, and higher education institutions. Founded in 1979, EdTech Co. is … Continue Reading