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Introducing the Kloudless JavaScript SDK

At Kloudless, we value the developer experience because we ourselves are developers. Starting today, we’re taking steps to provide the most up-to-date SDKs for popular programming languages, in order to keep them consistent with our latest API improvements. We want you to have the best tools available, no matter the language, to access our Unified … Continue Reading

Sending Files From Feature Phones Using Twilio and Kloudless

*This article was co-authored by  Kyle Kelly-Yahner and was originally published in June of 2014 The feature phone is getting smarter and smarter every day.  Using feature phones, you can send cat pictures using space age technology from the moon landing, find out exactly where your bus is, or unlock your apartment — all via text. The folks at Kloudless came … Continue Reading

Storing user-uploaded content on S3-compatible services with Kloudless’ File Explorer

When choosing the right cloud storage service to integrate into your application, you must first decide which type of storage best fit your needs. Does your app simply require the ability to share internal documents among coworkers, or are you looking to store thousands of user-uploaded pictures and high-quality video files? While both of these … Continue Reading

Popular cloud apps' authentication schemes: OAuth 2.0, API Keys, and more

Kloudless provides unified APIs to connect to several cloud apps with a single implementation. Kloudless engineers commonly field questions on how users connect their cloud accounts to Kloudless apps and how the process works across the different authentication schemes cloud providers use. The Kloudless API’s abstraction layer begins right from authentication; Kloudless provides a uniform … Continue Reading

How to track changes in Google Drive, including in Team Drives

Developers commonly integrate with cloud storage services such as Google Drive to sync files that change between their app and users’ cloud storage. At Kloudless, we’ve seen activity monitoring used for everything from workflow automation to data loss protection. The Kloudless unified Events API enables developers to track changes regardless of which cloud storage account … Continue Reading

Recurring Events in the Kloudless Calendar API

Users commonly create recurring events in their calendar for a number of reasons: weekly meetings, daily check-ins, monthly bill payments, and more. Applications integrating with users’ calendar accounts inevitably encounter events that repeat periodically. In this blog post, we’ll discuss best practices for retrieving and modifying recurring events, and how the unified Kloudless API simplifies … Continue Reading