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How Network Security Must Evolve to Properly Protect Data

Protecting data from malicious intent is of paramount importance to security software. Just as hackers have evolved their techniques to threaten our data, so has the means of protection put in place to safeguard from attack. The primary means of keeping malevolent forces from intercepting or penetrating the systems in place that our computers or … Continue Reading

How Kloudless Benefits Security Software Through the Use of Unified API CRUD Routes

Kloudless was built to support security software by providing features that power their businesses. Connectivity with over 100 API integrations allows software companies to use Kloudless to support and monitor all of the cloud services that their users keep data stored within. While connectivity is a major priority in protecting and monitoring this data, modern … Continue Reading

How Kloudless Provides Competitive Product Advantages for Data Security Companies

Kloudless was built to empower the modern security software solution. From network to SaaS security, software providers are taking advantage of Kloudless’ unrivaled connectivity and detection and remediation tools to protect the data of their customers. We recently wrote about the benefits that security software engineering teams can expect from using Kloudless, but few types … Continue Reading

How Kloudless Helps Security Software With User Management

A major component of security software is the ability to track users and their behavior. Whether it be user impersonation, identity access management, privileged access management, or identity governance, being able to stay on top of users and their activity/permissions is a primary concern for modern security software. From the initial authorization of users to … Continue Reading

How Kloudless Adds Value for Engineering Teams at Data Security Companies

Kloudless was built to help security software applications connect with the API integrations they need to thrive. While connectivity is the top priority for software companies in need of cloud service integrations, the implementation and maintenance of said integrations often resemble the engineering equivalent of “pushing a boulder up a hill.” Building a single API … Continue Reading

4 Security Concerns for SaaS Applications

We’ve seen the growth of offerings in the SaaS application industry swell to levels that were incomprehensible only a few short years ago. With internet connections and bandwidth expanding to cover even the most remote of populations, these apps offer a simpler fashion of offering users their software application needs in a palatable package. The … Continue Reading