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Why would you leave your stable job at an established company to join a startup?! There are several common reasons why people do this: personal growth, flexible work hours, new challenges, seeing your work make an immediate impact, etc. At Kloudless, we think there are four unique reasons why you should join us:

  • We’re humble and hungry to learn.
  • We work hard in a fast-paced environment, but make sure to have fun too!
  • We’re a flat organization where everyone’s voice is heard.
  • We support each other and value the assist, so that we win as a team.

Our team is comprised of accomplished individuals from companies like Salesforce, NASA JPL, IBM, Twilio, Trend Micro, Zynga, and more. We sat down with members of our engineering, marketing, and sales teams to learn more about why they left their previous companies to join Kloudless.

Allen Wang, Senior Software Engineer

Most of the past companies I’ve worked for exceeded 1,000 employees worldwide. Overall, I only played a tiny role in those days. I always wondered how it would feel to work at a startup. I wanted a job that provided the opportunity to grow on both frontend and backend development. Working at Kloudless meets both of these needs. Also, compared to all my past job interviews, Kloudless conducted the best recruiting experience I’ve ever had. I’m glad to be part of the team.

Frank Chen, Senior Software Engineer

I’ve always been fascinated by the simple, readable syntax and powerful nature of Python. I wanted to work in a company using it as part of its technical stack. I was also searching for a company where I could learn about various stacks and contribute together. Kloudless met all those requirements.

Grace Woods, VP Marketing

I joined Kloudless because of the people. The founders share a unique balance of intelligence, curiosity, optimism and humility. Kloudless provided an opportunity for growth on a professional and personal level. I’ve had the chance to roll up my sleeves and dig in to a technically rich product. This was also an ideal opportunity for me to scale marketing from the ground up. It’s incredible to have that degree of ownership and trust from the people mentoring me – founders and investors.

Nikhil Chari, Head of Sales

I joined Kloudless for the opportunity to help build a company from the ground up with a team that I would enjoy working and problem solving with. Kloudless’ unified API approach also provides a unique building block for integrations, which is a large market.

Li-Hsing Chen, Software Engineer

My previous software development job was becoming kind of stale in terms of learning new things. I felt like I was wasting my potential so I quit, prepared for interviews, and tossed resumes around. Among all the offers I got, Kloudless’ position seemed very challenging and fast-paced. It turned out to be true; I am surrounded by brilliant software engineers, I learned A LOT about what software engineering was really about from them. And I also had panic attacks, twice!


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