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Since Kloudless’ API has been available, it’s clear that our developers are awesome! Dev Logs are the stories of developers who have created some sweet hacks using Kloudless and other technologies. Know of a hack or smart dev who should be featured in Dev Logs? Email an@kloudless.com for next steps!

This Dev Log features the remaining members of PhotoSinc, Kush Patel and Christal Wang. They’re sharing their story of how they ended up at the Emory Hackathon, Spring 2014, building a Google Glass App.

PhotoSinc Christal Wang and Kush Patel
PhotoSinc’s Christal Wang and Kush Patel
Tell us a bit about yourself — who are you and what kind of problems do you like solving?

Kush: I’m a second year Aerospace Engineering Major at Georgia Tech and Emory Hackathon was my first one. My roommate, Chris, has been to so many and has tried to bring me along to one, but I was never able to make one until this one! I am a starter programmer, just learning to do it on my own via small projects and attempting to learn it via a MOOC. Even though I have yet to finish one of these MOOCs in its entirety, I still feel like I have learned so much. Coming to this hackathon probably multiplied my knowledge tenfold! The problems I like solving are ones that apply to me in everyday life. Most of the time, it just involves chats with Chris that usually start with “What if…” Now that I’m starting to learn to program on my own, I can start going to more hackathons and implement some of these ideas.

Christal: Hello! My name is Christal Wang, and I am from Saint Louis, Missouri. I just graduated from Emory University with a degree in economics. I aspire to be a lawyer and currently work in promotions for Radio Disney. I like to discover ways to be more productive, including streamlining processes, without losing quality. You can check me out on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/christalwang).

What inspired your project at the Emory Hackathon?

Kush: Chris and I are best friends who love to do many things together but we’re not big on posting things to social media. While some people take photos and share it via Facebook, we prefer to keep our photos offline. But a lot of times, people forget to even post any pictures or only post a few of the hundreds taken. Our app would automatically take any photo taken, upload it to the cloud, and send a link of that photo to anyone in that photo.

Christal: My teammate and younger brother, Christopher, thinks it is ridiculous to post every good picture on social media. Our application provides a way to share photos automatically and privately.

How / why did you decide to use the Kloudless API?

Kush: Kloudless was our choice because it allowed us (and therefore potential users) of our hack, to choose which cloud storage they wanted to use. (ed. note — this is usually the first use case we see from developers building on the Kloudless API. Keep an eye out for new features that will enable more complex operations on cloud files!)

Christal: Our Emory Hackathon application sends pictures to the cloud using the Kloudless API, which is easy to use.

What do you plan to build next? Does it include Kloudless? Why or why not?

Kush: I’m not sure what I’ll create next! But I have all summer to figure that out before the next hackathon. 🙂

Christal: I am still learning how to code, so I am practicing by building silly beginner apps! Christopher and I are also working on improving our application from the Emory Hackathon. Photosinc, since ‘PhotoSync’ was already taken, definitely utilizes Kloudless, which is user-friendly.

Thanks for spending time with us, Kush and Christal! Interested in integrating cloud storage services + features into your application? Sign up to get your own Kloudless developer account, swap tips and ideas in the comments below, or ping us at hello@kloudless.com!


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