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Developer Week is a special event for those of us in the development community. It is a time for us to meet, greet, learn and teach, all while exchanging ideas about shaping the modern landscape of tech. We here at Kloudless take great pride in getting to not only attend this exciting event with our peers, but to set up shop as sponsors and educate all who will listen on the benefits of our Unified API Platform. With another successful Developer Week under our belts, we figured we’d give you a glimpse into our experience at the annual event.

And so, like the thick morning fog we know all too well here in the Bay Area, Developer Week 2019 descended upon Oakland, California last week and enveloped the city in a blanket of exciting technological ideas and implementations. Armed with our unrivaled Unified API platform and a few thousand pieces of Kloudless swag to give away, we were lucky enough to be in the middle of it all, representing Kloudless to over 8,000 attendees at the world’s largest developer conference and expo.

Eliot Sun (Kloudless CEO)
David Hallinan (Head of Content) and Chris Pronchow (Customer Success Engineer)

Nestled in the APIs aisle of the expo, we hit the ground running, setting up our booth and promotional items to give away while crowds of developers and tech-enthusiasts began to swarm the conference hall. Before we knew it, our booth was teeming with curious passersby and API aficionados all looking to learn more about our Unified API platform. Over the course of 2 days, we had hundreds of conversations and evangelized the benefits of Kloudless to talented developers and CTOs, marketers and CEOs alike. We had a blast learning from them about their new exciting platforms and how we can try to do our absolute best to accommodate their API implementation needs.

Besides focusing on our own Developer Week presence, we were really looking forward to checking out some of the other emerging technologies and companies being represented at the conference, as well as a variety of the wonderful speakers lined up to give talks. Jan Kleinert from Red Hat, for instance, led a workshop on scalable container-based web applications using Kubernetes, React and OpenShift that was fun and enlightening. Because we are always so mindful of our users’ security here at Kloudless, we were really interested to see Google’s Seth Vargo and his Pro Talk on Modern Security with Microservices and the Cloud, which was incredibly insightful when it came to identifying new security challenges associated with cloud technologies and microservices.

Eliot giving his Pro Talk on Unified APIs

While we were blown away by so many of the guest speakers at the conference, by far the most exciting part of the event was when our CEO, Eliot Sun, gave his Pro Talk on Unified APIs and the Future of App Integrations. Eliot focused primarily on how Unified APIs impact the future of application integrations, and how this not only benefits application developers, but end users as well. While his talk was a brief 25 minutes, much shorter than his usual speaking events, the crowd followed up with enthusiastic questions about Eliot’s focus on application networks and their role in Unified API integration. To quote one speaking event coordinator, Eliot’s talk “had the highest attendance all day so far.” While we have no idea whether that held true for the rest of the day, it was great to see so many people interested in hearing from Eliot on his vision of the future for Unified APIs.

When it finally came time to take down our kiosk and pack up our things on Friday afternoon, our feet hurt and our voices were raspy from non-stop talking. Still, we couldn’t be happier with how the event went for us here at Kloudless. To those of you that we had a chance to speak with, we appreciate your time and interest and look forward to working together in the future to make your API implementations as painless and powerful as possible. To those of you that we missed, check out what Kloudless can do for you here.

(We also might have gone home with some promotional t-shirts, socks and yo-yo’s too, because we still get excited by free stuff!)


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