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Kloudless Unified APIs enable you to code once and integrate many

API integrations do not have an industry that they offer the most specific value to. They are invaluable for applications that are focused on everything from file sharing to scheduling and availability. Cloud services are not a single monolith that dictates a certain workflow or specified industry — they are the backbone of the modern web application.

However, a certain type of application requires a certain type of cloud service. Apps that need the functionality to allow users to book an appointment are required to have the functionality of a cloud calendar service. Apps that need to allow users to upload their personal files to a shared repository are required to have cloud storage services in their repertoire. Apps that monitor the vast amount of information in a company’s CRM databases need — you guessed it — cloud CRM integrations.

But, that’s not to say that there aren’t a few applications that need as many integrations as possible, no matter the category they may fall under. One such type of application that requires as many cloud service integrations as they can amass, is the modern data security application. 

Be that data security solution a Cloud Access Security Broker or an E-Discovery app, it needs the ability to connect to as many integrations as possible to properly monitor and secure the users’ data that they protect. A CASB can’t properly do its job of protecting a user’s data if it doesn’t connect to the service that the user stores their files in. 

As application usage continues to grow, data security solutions are tasked with the increasingly difficult job of providing full application security coverage for businesses. Businesses of all sizes are expanding their use of long-tail and custom apps, and simply building the integrations necessary to protect their customers can derail the product roadmap of a modern security solution.

Security solutions, from small to Enterprise-level, require access to and data from the applications their customers need. Security use cases, such as CASB, DLP, and E-Discovery, need full activity monitoring and remediation functionality to keep their customers’ data safe.

That is why Kloudless is taking aim at something that no other company is even targeting — powering the modern data security solution. 

Detection Made Easy

To provide large-scale threat protection, data security solutions need to connect to SaaS apps to gain visibility into user behavior and data. Kloudless offers the ability to connect with over 100 cloud services in the same development time it would take to connect to a single one, so the ability to connect with your users’ preferred services is a quick and painless process for your development team. Kloudless also has you covered with tools like our Unified OAuth flow for individual accounts as well as admin accounts for org-wide access. Our Activity Monitoring API provides you with the tools necessary for thorough user and entity behavior analytics so that your security solution can identify and track threats in real-time. We offer org-wide activity monitoring of all connected cloud accounts with our Team API and EventBridge support.

Remediation Made Simple

Finding threats is one thing, eliminating them is another. Once detected, your security solution needs to take action to protect users from the threats you identify. Kloudless provides full CRUD routes for every connector to read, delete, move, create, and update the objects monitored in user and entity behavior analytics so you can keep your users’ data safe. 

Everything Your Data Security Solution Needs to Succeed

From account connection to sync and scan, from detection to remediation, Kloudless can power your report dashboard with every tool a modern data protection suite needs right out of the box. We provide “out of the box” connectivity with every cloud service your security solution needs to monitor, and if we don’t provide what you need, we can build it quickly with our custom connector feature. We want to be able to help you help your users, and we think we’re really the only ones out there doing just that.

To learn more about what Kloudless can offer your data security solution, please head over to our solutions page and get started reading about how we can help you and your users’ data stay safe.


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