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It’s been a whirlwind hackathon season, with Team Kloudless supporting Hack PSUBitCampEmory Hacks, Hack UVa, Hack RU, LA Hacks, Hack(bright) for Good, She Hacks ATX and others. We’ve been excited to take part in these events as we opened up our API, the cloud storage API that allows developers to code once and integrate many cloud storage services. Currently, Kloudless supports Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Copy, Citrix ShareFile, Bitcasa, Egnyte and SugarSync.

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We proudly support hackathons to help developers quickly integrate cloud storage services into their apps. We’re pleased to share some of the more interesting hacks we’ve seen so far.


FocusNotes, a Google Glass app built at BitCamp, allows users to take notes in class via a Bluetooth keyboard while eliminating the need to break concentration or take eyes off the professor. The creators of FocusNotes used Kloudless to save for later viewing on a computer. Pretty epic and deserving of the quadricopter.

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From the developer:

FocusNotes allows you to focus on a speaker at the same time as focusing on your notes by creating a simple yet powerful bulleted note taking text editor on Glass. You can follow along with the professor wherever they may walk in the room and have your notes right in front of you. Just use your own laptop keyboard to type and use our cool UI. Plug glass into your laptop so it never runs out of juice. Simple! Just save it and we push the file, completely converted to a beautifully formatted bulleted Word Document, to your SkyDrive [using the Kloudless API], as if you’d taken notes on a laptop.


PhotoSinc, created at at Emory Hackathon, lets users privately share photos cloud to cloud, bypassing social media. Check out this video from the developer:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVnejNJ1sMc]

PhotoSinc* will recognize people in your photos and send links of those images from your phone. It utilized IDOL to build a database for facial recognition, Kloudless API for flawless syncing to the cloud, and Twilio to send out texts. PhotoSinc is a safe and hassle-free way to share and receive photos.
*Since Lyft and other companies are switching the ‘i’ to a ‘y,’ we decided to go against the flow because ‘PhotoSync’ is already taken.

Photo Kloud

At Hack(bright) for Good, Matt Green created Photo Kloud, a lightweight Chrome extension that enables users to easily save web images to their cloud storage accounts. Simple, elegant and got the job done.


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