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Kloudless Unified APIs enable you to code once and integrate many

Kloudless was built to help security software applications connect with the API integrations they need to thrive. While connectivity is the top priority for software companies in need of cloud service integrations, the implementation and maintenance of said integrations often resemble the engineering equivalent of “pushing a boulder up a hill.” Building a single API connection can take months of development time, and once that job is finished, the inevitable maintenance that follows will require more dev time — an already scarce commodity for most engineering teams.

Dev teams spend months to years of their time toiling over building, testing, and finally, deploying these integrations to the security codebases they work for.

So, when choosing the right solution for your security product’s SaaS integrations, remember that time should be the most important factor in your decision making. Specifically, implementation time, maintenance time, and updating time

Here at Kloudless, we build software with engineering teams in mind. We aim to take as much of the SaaS integration building, maintenance, and operations off your engineering team’s plate. 

Because the faster a development team can build SaaS integrations into your application, the faster they can get back to building your security solution’s core functionality. 

Do More With Less

Security solutions, such as CASBs or eDiscovery applications, need to build connections with a multitude of software service APIs in order to properly monitor and protect their users’ data in those services — a daunting task for even the most seasoned of developers. On top of that, API integrations require constant maintenance when their data format changes or the API itself is updated. This requires development time and energy that results in pulling your engineers off their current priorities, in order to update connectors. Your engineers should be focused on building the best product, not building and maintaining connectors.

Kloudless exponentially augments both higher-level features and lower-level API connectivity based on our expertise and proprietary platform. You not only get more connectors faster but also higher-level functionality that takes even more development off your team’s priority list.  For example, Kloudless’ Activity Monitoring not only normalizes activity and events relevant to UEBA across a number of connectors but also fills in the gaps by polling for changes and crawling third-party systems to identify changes when native audit log capabilities are absent.

Kloudless helps to remove the need for you to re-staff API connector projects when updates to connector APIs or troubleshooting is required. Avoid pulling the original engineers off current priorities or needing new engineers to learn a connector’s ins and outs from scratch. Simply update the Kloudless version your application uses to obtain the latest updates to all connectors Kloudless provides.

This frees up your team to focus on what they do best, allowing you to stop worrying about staffing connector projects and managing competing priorities.

Build Faster

With Kloudless, your development time is exponentially sped up by more than 10X. This means you can launch new connectors in days, not months. Kloudless handles all connector development, so your team can focus on your own product development, and not building connectors. Kloudless can work with you to scale connector delivery based on your roadmap, so any number of additional connectors needed requires the same low amount of development time on your part.

Based on data from our security software customers

Built For API Requests at Scale

Dealing with the different individual rate-limits and quotas of every API your security solution needs to make requests to is a time-consuming task. Each service has a unique set of rules in place for handling requests to their servers, and simply adhering to all of them requires a great deal of research into each specific connector’s documentation. 

Kloudless understands each service’s unique rate limits and quotas and handles the criteria unique to each connector, including: 

  • Exponential back-off
  • Daily per-tenant quotas
  • Retry-After headers
  • Connector-specific throttling protocols
  • Dedicated quotes via ISV GUIDs

Kloudless speeds up your development time even more by providing the  Kloudless Crawler service that enables your application to achieve higher throughput for full scans by offloading the SaaS app crawling to us. The Crawler crawls all available connectors using various protocols and even impersonates users and checks connector-specific locations like comments, attachments, shared folders, and more. The Kloudless Crawler is optimized for bulk data retrieval, batches, and parallel requests, and handles all of the rate-limiting and quotas unique to each connector described above.

The Kloudless Crawler can aid in the task of feeding data to your internal DLP and UEBA pipeline, reducing the time your engineers need to spend implementing your security solution’s needed crawling functionality. 

Since both Kloudless Activity Monitoring, as well as the Kloudless Crawler, push activity notifications to your application, Kloudless takes steps to work seamlessly with your application stack. Kloudless leverages native features of cloud computing platforms you already use by sending event data via Amazon EventBridge in AWS, and Google Cloud Pub/Sub in GCP. Your organization can also easily deploy, scale, and monitor Kloudless in your preferred environment using Docker or Kubernetes.

Zero Maintenance

Once your engineers have built connections to the cloud services your security solution needs, the job is far from over. Maintenance and API updates are constant and require immediate attention before a lapse in functionality endangers your users’ data. 

Kloudless allows for zero maintenance of the underlying APIs. Our connector experts handle all bug-fixes, troubleshooting, and updates so you can avoid re-staffing engineers to update and fix connectors. Kloudless also handles connector downtime so you can sleep in peace, knowing that your connections will stay sound.

Kloudless monitors health, uptime, and individual API endpoint and feature status with frequent endpoint-to-endpoint integration tests. This enables Kloudless to immediately be informed of anomalies in an API’s behavior. With custom 24/7 service-level agreements, Kloudless can respond to your security solution’s needs fast and reliably.

Backward-compatible connector updates provide even more relief for development teams integrating with Kloudless by eliminating 400+ hours per year of connector updates and maintenance. Simply updating your integration with a single Unified API from Kloudless takes care of all the updates and maintenance for every connector provided. Thanks to our close relationship with the underlying SaaS companies, Kloudless receives pre-release access to API updates so we can ensure that as soon as updates to APIs roll out, our code is updated and ready to go.

Engineering Productivity

Your development team is smart, focused, and capable of building the necessary functionality that your security solution needs to succeed. By keeping them busy dealing with the headache of building and maintaining API integrations, you are reducing the time that they could be working towards the core functionality of your product.

Kloudless was built to help product and engineering teams integrate the cloud services their users expect, without the pain of building and maintaining each SaaS app integration individually. 

To learn more about how Kloudless can help your security solution, please take a moment to browse our security solutions page and take the hassle of API integration away from your engineers.

To get in contact with Kloudless about how they can help your security solution’s specific requirements, please write to hello@kloudless.com


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