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*This article is part of the Kloudless Guide to Cloud Security, A comprehensive guide to all things Cloud Security in 2020 for security software of all verticals.

Security analytics is a proactive approach to cybersecurity that focuses on the analysis of data and events to predictively confront security threats. An example would be monitoring network traffic for indicators of a possible compromise before that threat actually materializes. By closely watching for indicators of threat or out-of-the-ordinary activity, security analytics can keep enterprise software protected from the many malevolent forces that aim to inflict harm or steal data.

No software can ever be completely protected from security threats, but security analytics provides peace of mind when it comes to guarding your software’s infrastructure, and more importantly, your bottom line.

Security Analytics Is Peace of Mind

The players in the security analytics field are growing constantly, due much in part to the expanse of SaaS integrations within modern codebases. Connecting with more integrations means there are more means of compromise. User data stored in external cloud services can be intercepted or threatened outside of an organization’s database, which means that hackers and malignant actors have stepped up their means of assault. 

Some threats to data can go undetected for long periods of time, and security analytics tools help to confront these threats by analyzing user or network behavior to detect common threat patterns and send alerts as soon as something out of the ordinary is observed. 

Security analytics not only provides a real-time account of activity and events but can serve as a historical account of all activity within an organization’s network, further shining an illuminating light on what network behavior may be a threatening anomaly. 

More so, IT teams are facing additional pressure to relay the results of these network findings to stakeholders and senior management, and security analytics tools provide detailed metrics of the threats they encounter in an easily-digestible format.

These threats may be potential attacks observed in network traffic, suspicious user behavior, data exfiltration, and even insider threats across endpoints, internal network traffic, and even traffic to and from the cloud. 

As a result, security analytics tools are in need of robust activity monitoring across every cloud service that the applications they protect have data stored within.

Kloudless Provides Unrivaled Activity Monitoring 

To provide large-scale threat protection, security analytics solutions need to connect to SaaS apps to gain visibility into user behavior and data. Kloudless offers the ability to connect with over 100 cloud services in the same development time it would take to connect to a single one, so the ability to connect with a users’ preferred services is a quick and painless process for a development team. Kloudless also provides tools like a Unified OAuth flow for individual accounts as well as admin accounts for org-wide access. The Kloudless Activity Monitoring API provides security analytics software with the tools necessary for thorough user and entity behavior analytics so that they can identify and track threats in real-time. Kloudless also offers org-wide activity monitoring of all connected cloud accounts with their Team API and EventBridge support.

Kloudless has extended its activity monitoring functionality with EventBridge’s powerful routing, filtering, analytics, and data delivery guarantees, giving its customers that already use AWS a powerful new means of receiving event data. Product teams building apps in AWS no longer need to implement webhook processing or poll, queue, and filter data on their own, leaving more time to focus on their business logic instead.

Kloudless developers using EventBridge receive a stream of activity occurring in their customers’ connected cloud accounts directly within their application stack in AWS. Kloudless publishes events for both basic CRUD activities such as new, updated, or deleted files and objects, as well as more granular audit-type activities such as updates to collaboration controls or group memberships. 

Developers no longer need to process webhooks from Kloudless or write code in their app to poll, queue, and filter these events; they can instead use EventBridge to filter and route activity to AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, SNS topics, SQS queues, and more. Engineering teams using Kloudless and EventBridge are able to save time and launch product integrations faster by focusing on business logic rather than boilerplate code. 

When customers connect with Kloudless and EventBridge, data is sent directly to AWS and no longer requires a separate API call from their app or server to Kloudless. The immediate benefit is a reduction of API calls which vastly shortens the time required to acquire event data. Data that would take as long as 30+ seconds to receive can now be obtained in as little as a few seconds. For customers already using the AWS ecosystem, this means reduced complexity and a much-simplified implementation of subscribing to event data, as there is no need to write additional code to process code from Kloudless. 

Another major benefit for applications looking to take advantage of EventBridge is the additional functionality provided by AWS that Kloudless does not provide, such as filtering event notifications at a granular level to only specific types of events or routing them to different locations based on the event metadata

Everything Your Security Analytics Tools Need to Succeed

From account connection to sync and scan, from detection to remediation, Kloudless can power your report dashboard with every tool a modern data protection suite needs right out of the box. We provide “out of the box” connectivity with every cloud service your security solution needs to monitor, and if we don’t provide what you need, we can build it quickly with our custom connector feature. We want to be able to help you help your users, and we think we’re really the only ones out there doing just that.

To learn more about what Kloudless can offer your data security solution, please head over to our solutions page and get started reading about how we can help you and your users’ data stay safe or send us an email to hello@kloudless.com

*This article is part of the Kloudless Guide to Cloud Security, A comprehensive guide to all things Cloud Security in 2020 for security software of all verticals.


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