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Kloudless Unified APIs enable you to code once and integrate many

We’re excited to announce that the Kloudless API now supports SharePoint, to offer an easier way to build apps for Microsoft’s enterprise collaboration tool. With our single, unified API, developers can now integrate SharePoint along with 11 other cloud storage services.

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Microsoft SharePoint is still a market leader in content collaboration and has a strong hold on our developers’ customers. Since the API has historically been difficult to work with, many have de-prioritized integrations with SharePoint despite having customer demand. Our mission is to make it a no-brainer for developers to address customer requirements and give them access to a wealth of features that will be beneficial throughout the lifespan of their apps. — Eliot Sun, Kloudless CEO and Co-founder

By leveraging SharePoint through the Kloudless API, developers can offer their customers access to their enterprise data and a variety of value-add features. Integrating with SharePoint enables developers to give their customers access to a service that they already rely on to get work done. Rather than building a suite of storage and file related features themselves, developers can simply tap into the functionality available via the Kloudless API.

Several customers for SharePoint integration are already lined up, including Cotap, Taptera and PlanGrid. Key features of the new SharePoint support include search, access controls and recent files. Event notifications will be available in the coming weeks.

Kloudless’ SharePoint integration gives Taptera a great opportunity to serve our SharePoint customers without needing to devote our resources to behind-the-scenes integration work. It lets us focus on what we do best: adding great features and providing the best experience possible for our users. It’s a win for everyone. — Ian Fisher, Taptera CTO

Pricing and Availability

Developers can immediately access Kloudless support for Microsoft SharePoint through the Kloudless API, along with its supporting documentation. Pricing is based on the level of feature support and number of user accounts. The free plan supports up to 50 user accounts. Premium plans start at $19/month. Enterprise pricing is also available. Get additional details or sign up for a developer account today.


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