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Kloudless is incredibly pleased to announce the release of our newest guideIntegrate for the Future: Kloudless’ Ultimate Strategy Guide for API Integrations.

In the fast-paced world of app development, speed to market is as important as anything. By the time your developers are through building out your app’s functionality, other applications competing for your market space may have launched already, leaving you with the burdensome task of differentiating your product from competitors by introducing even newer functionality or pivoting your business plan; both of which take up more of your company’s valuable time and money.

In the current state of software and integrated systems, it is your duty as a product manager to give your users every available option necessary when it comes to API integrations. Your developers are talented, accomplished, and motivated. Don’t subject them to a painful existence of constant integration maintenance and headaches. Take away the pain of API integration by deciding on a concrete and planned-out strategy for your application’s integrations. Let your devs focus on what’s really important: your own unique functionality. 

This guide is the culmination of years of experience of working in the field of API integrations. We will cover everything you need to consider and plan for your application, from roadmaps and user stories to authentication to logging and monitoring, and much more. Whether you’re integrating with cloud storage, calendar services, CRM software, or any other APIs, this guide will help you from your initial planning to deployment and beyond.

Download now and start thinking smarter about your application’s API integrations!


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