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Fixing development woes for engineering teams is a serious business, and we take that responsibility seriously. However, sometimes even the most dedicated and hard-working Unified API companies need to have some fun and cut loose. One of the things that we enjoy the most here at Kloudless is all-things Marvel. In that vein, our Summer intern, Duran Sheppard, has used that shared interest in the world’s greatest superheroes as motivation to put together what is maybe the best analogy to ever be dreamt up. We proudly present to you, the Infinity API Gauntlet:

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the most powerful objects created are the Infinity Stones. These colorful gems all come equipped with their own unique power. The Space Stone, Power Stone, Reality Stone, Time Stone, Soul Stone, and Mind Stone can be used singularly, but their power grows exponentially when they’re unified together. 

According to Marvel legend, the Big Bang sent all of these stones careening into different areas of time and space, making them laborious to find for all who aimed to possess these powerful gems. In addition to finding each stone, unifying them was its own separate and daunting task. Thanos, whose self-proclaimed purpose was to “bring balance to the universe”, discovered that the stones could be unified using the Infinity Gauntlet to accomplish his sole mission of balance in the universe.

That got us thinking about what we do here at Kloudless, and how we provide our own kind of balance.

In the API integration universe, we have our own metaphorical infinity stones. Just like the infinity stones, Storage APIs, CRM APIs, Calendar APIs, development time, and integration with your own company’s API are all pieces that make up successful applications. Similar to Thanos’ quest in the Marvel Universe, unifying all of these together into an application is a laborious process.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the majority of Thanos’ time and energy was spent trying to procure the stones. During that time, the Avengers rallied together to defeat him, and while he did eventually come to possess each stone, it ultimately ended in his demise (spoilers!). 

In reality, developers spend the majority of their time trying to unify APIs and maintain them. In business, the massive amount of time spent on integrating each API gives your competition time to rally against you. By spending the bulk of your development time learning documentation or fixing integrations, you are losing out on your organization’s opportunity to set itself aside in a crowded market. It will ultimately end in your application’s demise (more spoilers!).

Without the gauntlet, the stones wouldn’t have been unified and Thanos wouldn’t have been able to fulfill his mission. For developers, to accomplish their mission, they can use Kloudless’ Unified APIs as their own gauntlet to centralize their focus on their organization’s own unique functionality. In addition, they can avoid the time-consuming process of integrating with separate services. Unlike Thanos, who uses the power of the integrated stones to decimate half of the universe, developers can use Kloudless’ Unified APIs to cut development time and costs in half!

While you may wish to valiantly swing Mjolnir or don the Iron Spider suit, those are ultimately fantastical dreams that will never be realized. What you can do, however, is give your application the superheroic power to eliminate integration pains entirely. Around here, true believers, we like to think both are equally awesome.



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