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Kloudless Unified APIs enable you to code once and integrate many

Kloudless enables developers to integrate several third-party apps by writing code just once. Developers rarely work alone though; the majority of Kloudless projects that reach production involve multiple developers from the same team or company.

Until recently, Kloudless developers either had to share credentials to collaborate on the same Kloudless project, or work on individual Kloudless projects of their own. The first approach makes it hard to control access to Kloudless projects as the developers working on the project shift, which is especially important given the level of access API Keys provide to end-user accounts. The second approach makes it hard to share configuration such as custom OAuth credentials and makes development all the more difficult for the team involved.

For this reason, we’re excited to announce an initial release of Shared Kloudless Projects for teams working on Kloudless. This is available to all developers who sign up for Kloudless today. Below, we’ll cover how to get started sharing your Kloudless projects with colleagues.


Log in to your Kloudless account and create an app if you haven’t already. This app functions as the Kloudless project you’ll collaborate with team members on. After logging in, you’ll see the page below:

The Overview tab in the sidebar represents the current location in the site. Click on the Collaborators link below it to navigate to the sharing section for the project.

Above, only the project creator has access to the project at the current time. The project creator is the app owner and is responsible for billing for the project as well as managing access to it.

Use the Add button on the page to share the app with other Kloudless developers, based on their email address. Note that granting admin access to other developers will enable them to access all cloud accounts connected to your Kloudless project as well. For example, if an end-user or yourself connects a Dropbox account, any admin can use the project’s API Key to access that account’s data. Be sure to review whether this is acceptable prior to granting access, or create a new Kloudless project to collaborate on instead.

Above, john@kloudles.com now has admin access to our app. There’s no limitation to the number of collaborators an app can have, but Kloudless only supports granting admin access today, and all collaborators must already possess Kloudless accounts.

Our development roadmap includes the ability to invite collaborators via email if they haven’t already signed up for Kloudless, as well as granting more granular levels of access so not all collaborators need to be project admins.

As mentioned earlier, all project usage will be charged to the Primary Collaborator.

Let’s try to log in with John’s account. Below is a screenshot of the view from John’s perspective. test-app-sharing is now in the list of John’s projects in the dropdown on the top-left corner, and there is an icon indicating that it’s shared. This lets John access the project just like any other.

As an admin, John can share the project further as well. Back on the Collaborators page, let’s say John adds another admin, jane@kloudless.com, as shown below. Both John and Jane are admins who have full access to the project, as well as the capability to remove each other or other collaborators from the project other than the primary collaborator that owns the project.

To remove a collaborator, click to the right of its entry in the table above.

Future Roadmap

We hope you find shared projects valuable. As hinted at earlier, our roadmap includes the ability to email out invites to new Kloudless developers, as well as more granular access controls.

Reach out to us at support@kloudless.com with any feedback or suggestions for improvements. We’d love to hear from you!


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