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Three interns joined the Kloudless team this summer, ready to hit the ground running and contribute to a handful of our teams. They all went above and beyond when it came to helping Kloudless grow, and became true members of the Kloudless family. Before parting ways, our Marketing intern Duran Sheppard, sat down with all of them to document their individual experiences and contributions. What follows is a glimpse into their life as Kloudless interns and what they’ve accomplished in their time with the company.

What was your major in college?

Karen: I am currently majoring in Business & Computer Science at Penn. University.

Jie: I majored in Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley.

Duran: I majored in Economics at U.C. Santa Cruz.

What was your overall experience here at Kloudless?

Karen: I really liked working with people across teams. I was really lucky to be able to start my internship in the Taiwan office, before finishing out at the Berkeley office. It was a great experience to be able to work with many people with established careers who could help to impart advice for me going forward with my own.

Jie: My experience was great. Everyone at Kloudless is really chill, which makes it a wonderful work environment.

Duran: I really appreciated the great environment because everybody is always focused, and genuinely wants to be working here.

What did you do at Kloudless?

Karen:  I started a template for how to interview & review potential customers. I also held interviews with companies to discuss their potential needs for the Product team going forward.

Jie: I helped with redesigning the website and working closely with the Marketing department. I also worked on brand design and consistent branding across all platforms.

Duran: I worked on social media and content strategies. I also prepared analytic reports and tracked results for the Marketing department.

Who did you work with the most?

Karen: Timothy Liu

Jie: Derek Chen

Duran: Jame Ervin & David Hallinan

What was your biggest takeaway from the internship?

Karen: I think I learned that work doesn’t have to be very “rigid”. It feels good being engaged in the company and knowing what your work is being used for. I also learned how to hold an interview and make it a conversation rather than just “firing off questions”.

Jie: I really enjoyed collaborating with the Sales, Marketing, and Engineering departments. Understanding each team helped me to have a more holistic view of brand design in general.

Duran: I learned how to track marketing campaigns. I also really learned a lot about how to prepare for meetings.

Why did you initially take the position?

Karen: I always wanted to work at a start-up and it seemed like a great way to gain work experience.

Jie: I wanted to change careers from architecture design to product design, and this was a great opportunity to start that career path.

Duran: I always wanted to work at a tech startup, and this was a great chance to do that. I also wanted to get hands-on experience doing B2B marketing work.

What was the most important thing you provided for the company?

Karen: I helped look at potential places to expand, which will hopefully be useful in the future.

Jie: I did a lot of work on the pricing page, enterprise page, and helped to shape the future of the overall design.

Duran: I created a social media strategy for each individual social platform. I also worked hard on increasing engagement with social media and increasing website sign-ups through social. A fun project I created was to foster more social media interaction in-house by creating the Social MVP award for the employee who engaged the most that week.

What do plan to do after the internship ends?

Karen: I love to bake desserts and go hiking, so a lot of both of those. I am also planning a trip to Napa.

Jie: Go hiking a ton. I also want to visit museums and new urban places.

Duran: I definitely plan to go to the beach!

Thank you for reading all about our interns’ experiences over the Summer of 2019. We were so happy to have them, and we can’t wait to see the mark they make on the world when they depart from Kloudless. To see what they’ve contributed here, stay tuned for our follow up posts to highlight their individual contributions!


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