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In our last post, we introduced Kloudless Enterprise, a version of our software that you can host in your own private infrastructure.

There are actually several options for deploying Kloudless: Cloud, Cloud Private Install, On-premises, and a couple more that we can’t talk about yet. But, we get it. Too many choices, too little time.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of our current deployment options to help you quickly pick the options that’s right for you:


Private Install


Hosted inAWSAWS
Your or your customer’s private infrastructure
ConnectorsCloud services onlyCloud services only Cloud services + On-premises proxy connector
ScalingAuto-scaled based on total usage across all tenantsAuto-scaled based on your usageScaling managed by you
AvailabilityKloudless manages high availabilityKloudless manages high availability via Enterprise Clustering.Clustering support to enable high availability
SecurityData encrypted in transit and at rest. 24/7 Ops team on callSame as “Cloud” except your data is isolated. Access is restricted to your IPsInherits your security and regulatory compliance promises. No data passes through Kloudless infrastructure

The Level Up mini series is wrapping up soon –don’t miss it! If you can’t wait until our next blog post and want to start using Kloudless Enterprise today, drop us a line at hello@kloudless.com.


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