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Here in the Bay Area, there are a handful of annual occurrences that are as guaranteed as a promise made by George Zimmer. We can expect one day in early October to break 90+ degrees, a weekend of forced interest in the Blue Angels, and for those of us in the tech industry: Developer Week.

Developer Week, for all three of you reading this who don’t know, is an annual conference that takes place in the Bay Area — originally in SF proper, but now conveniently (for me!) in Oakland — that focuses on all things developer and engineering technology-related. As the world’s largest developer conference, it plays host to the largest names across the industry, as well as a massive hiring expo and hackathon for those looking to make their names in the software engineering game.

The conference is always a great place to meet and greet with both peers and prospective customers, and we’ve had a blast exhibiting in the past. Last year, our CEO, Eliot Sun, gave a wonderful thought leadership talk on Unified APIs and the shifting needs of business connectivity. This year, we will not be attending as exhibitors, however, but we will be there in a different capacity. 

This year, we are pleased to announce that we will have not one, but two speaking sessions from Kloudless at Developer Week 2020!

The first is by Timothy Liu, our Co-Founder, and VP of Engineering. Tim’s talk will be Building APIs with the Django REST framework. In his session, Tim will cover how to quickly build and launch RESTful APIs following best practices around authentication, rate-limiting, pagination, filtering, permissions, and more using Django REST Framework. 

Kloudless is built on a Django framework, and there are few people more capable of teaching the best practices of Python API development than Tim. Tim’s talk will be in the APIs and Microservices track, so if you’re in attendance at the event, be sure to swing by and hear from Tim on his vast Python expertise.

Our other speaker is our Head of Content, David Hallinan, who will be giving a talk entitled, Porting a JS library into a React Component. With the recent growth in front-end technologies, React has become one of the most popular frameworks available. We’ve also seen interoperability among these frameworks become a high priority, especially when including vanilla JavaScript. Therefore, it is pivotal for organizations to focus on interoperability for React developers. In this talk, David will cover how to port a JS library to a reusable React component as well as a Higher-Order-Component (HOC). He also covers any obstacles we encountered along the way and offers helpful tips on how you can go about resolving them. 

While David has been more focused on generating technical content and preaching developer evangelism since landing at Kloudless, he taught full-stack JavaScript for the University of California prior to joining the Kloudless family, so he’s right back at home with his speaking session. David’s talk will be part of the Javascript track, and we’d love it if you had a chance to make it by and hear about our experience with creating React components for Kloudless.

Aside from their speaking sessions, both Tim and David will be in meandering around the expo floor and checking out all of the great exhibitors and keynote speeches that we’ve all come to expect from Developer Week, so keep an eye out for a couple of people in Kloudless shirts on the show floor. 

We’d love to get you into this year’s conference, and we’ve got a bunch of FREE tickets to give away. 50, to be exact. If you’d like to attend the expo for free or save $200 on a PRO pass, please head over to the link below and send us your contact info. It’s first-come, first-served, so make sure to grab some tickets fast before they’re gone!

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We can’t wait to see as many of you as possible at Developer Week 2020, so please give us a shout at hello@kloudless.com if you’d like to schedule a meeting or just grab some coffee with us while we’re at the event. See you next month!


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