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We prepare for weeks ahead of when a new hire is scheduled to walk through the Kloudless doors for the first time. A thoughtful onboarding experience matters for not only integrating the new hire into the company culture, but also accelerating their path to productivity. Everyone on the team plays a role in ensuring a smooth transition, and structured sessions get new hires quickly up to speed.

We sat down with some of our newest teammates to learn about what helped them the most during their onboarding process at Kloudless.

Chih-Jen Wu, Senior Software Engineer

There were three processes I found most helpful during my new hire onboarding process. First, the orientation helped me understand the whole structure of the current platform. Second, 1-1’s with my manager because I can ask more questions about the company that weren’t covered during orientation. Third, is the code review process because each reviewer not only corrects our tiny mistake but also provides more context related to business logic and how it evolves.

Jeffrey Sun, Software Engineer

At Kloudless, you don’t have to worry about asking questions because everyone is willing to lend a hand. The weekly manager 1-1’s are also helpful. David guides me through the workflow process and answers the technical questions that I have. He even offers emotional support which relieves my stress.

Jame Ervin, Senior Campaign Manager

I’ve been very impressed with the attention paid to the onboarding process here at Kloudless, we have a small and mighty team. It’s been great jumping onto a new team with documentation for everything from messaging and persons to processes/workflows for marketing programs.  Everyone in the company has stepped in to help me get acclimated and learn about our space.

Meng-Hsin Tung, Software Engineer

Orientation was very effective. It gave a great overview of system components and taught me how to troubleshoot our large codebase. If I encountered any issues, I can just drop a message on Slack and team members who are familiar with related components will quickly jump in and share their insight. Company sponsored lunches help too. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to share, and I can learn from their experience and approaches to solve a problem.

David Hallinan, Head of Content

Coming into a position where the task is to create technical content, understanding the details of the product is the main key to success. With a product as complicated as a Unified API, that can be daunting. Thankfully, I had an incredibly informative product training session with Timothy Liu, our VP of Engineering, to get me acclimated to how Kloudless operates as a service as soon as I came on which really helped me hit the ground running when it came to generating content.


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