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We are excited to announce the launch of a UI Tool that features the Kloudless Calendar API.  Our Calendar API has been the most popular API since its release. Creating this open source solution benefits all developers who wish to integrate with calendar services. Check out the Meeting Scheduler on Github!

Meeting Scheduler

Our Meeting Scheduler helps developers to customize a scheduling experience for both the organizers of a meeting as well as the attendees. This tool supports scheduling meetings for the following calendar services: Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and CalDAV.


We designed the Meeting Scheduler to be multi-purpose, but we wanted to emphasize how versatile it is in the following scenarios:

Sales Demo

In this scenario, a developer can configure the Meeting Scheduler for any Business Development Representative (BDR) to set their schedule of Demo Calls for a prospective customer.


In this scenario, a developer can augment an Applicant Tracking System with the Meeting Scheduler to help organize interviews between hiring managers and their candidates.


One of the benefits of providing a unified Calendar API is that developers can customize and white-label the Meeting Scheduler user interface or replace it entirely and rely solely on the underlying API requests.

See our Calendar API Documentation for:

Additional Features and Functionality

We are constantly innovating and improving our Calendar API, which includes the next version of the Meeting Scheduler. Be on the lookout for the following improvements:

  • Exchange (On-Prem) support
  • Multiple participants and further customization
  • An improved UI and UX including multiple widget modes!

For more information, please reach out to us here.


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