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“Should Old Acquaintance be forgot,
and never thought upon;”

– Someone

As we enter into a new decade and reflect on the events of the past year, those of us in the tech space tend to focus on what went wrong or what can be improved. In a business that seems to accelerate as fast as a Tesla, we look toward what the new year will bring in regards to new and emerging technologies and standards of practice. 

This is, generally, a good thing. But, it’s also beneficial to celebrate the milestones and accomplishments of the year prior and take pride in the events that defined the last trip around the Sun.

We, here at Kloudless, are incredibly proud of the accomplishments and releases of the last 365 days, and we’d like to take a moment to give a rundown of some of the most meaningful events that took place.

Tools of the Trade

We make Unified APIs here. (In case you didn’t actually know that…) 

Essentially, our major products are backend tech made to be woven into codebases by developers who wish to give their end-users a better and easier experience inside an application. At their core, our products are created to be invisible to the front end — RESTful CRUD routes that can shorten development time and give end-users a larger selection of the APIs they need to accomplish their workflow.

But often, that leaves developers scrambling to implement their own self-built UI tools in order for their users to take advantage of this functionality. Since we’re all about shortening your application’s development time, we took it upon ourselves to create a few open-source libraries that can be plugged into your application using only a few lines of code to give your users fully functional UI tools. These are the Kloudless File Picker and the Kloudless Meeting Scheduler.

The brand new Kloudless File Picker 2.0

In 2019, we were happy to release brand new versions of both these powerful tools complete with extended functionality, bells, and even some whistles. Both libraries are now fully themeable, ensuring that they match the look and feel of your application in mobile and web view, as well as a host of other new and useful features. Read all about the changes to the File Picker here, and the Meeting Scheduler here.

The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall

2019 was the year of content for us. We released over 100 blog posts on everything from SaaS integrations to Marvel Superheroes. As a thought leader in the API integrations game, we feel it is our obligation to provide as much information as possible to our readers, even if they may not be customers. We aim to impart the lessons we’ve learned on others, and there’s no better way than writing hundreds of thousands of words for the internet to crawl through.

However, in 2019, we went a step further with new forms of content to help you navigate the choppy seas of API integration. First, we released three ebook guides to cover absolutely everything you need to know about cloud storage integrations, cloud calendar integrations, and overall API integration strategy. Head over to our brand new guides page to download all of them for free!

We were also thrilled to produce and release multiple webinars in 2019. The first of these focuses on supercharging your application’s API integration strategy from your initial product roadmap to deployment and the second is all about leveraging cloud storage APIs to benefit a bevy of different industry use cases. Both are free to download and are available now through the links above.

We’ve Got Your Back(end)

At its roots, Kloudless was created for developers. We try our very best to give software engineers a wide range of products to make their jobs easier and help the applications they work on flourish. In that vein, we’ve made sure to stay on top of giving them as many different tools as possible to accomplish these goals.

In 2019, we updated and released several SDKs in the most popular programming languages to help developers use Kloudless, no matter the language their codebase supports. This includes Python, iOS, JavaScript, Java, and more. All of them are constantly updated to reflect the newest changes in their respective languages and best practices. Keep an eye out for our updated Ruby SDK coming soon!

Kloudless uses Postman Collections to simplify access to their Unified APIs
Our good friends at Postman were nice enough to write up a case study on us.

Another powerful developer tool we’ve been proud to release this year is our Kloudless Postman Collection. Postman is already the very best tool in API testing, and we’re overjoyed to have partnered with them over the past year in helping developers get started with using our Unified APIs faster and easier. Read all about our partnership with Postman here, and get a deeper look at what went into building the Kloudless Postman Collection in our joint case study here.

Performing Live

We had a very busy year in 2019 when it came to developer conferences, and that doesn’t look to be slowing down in 2020! 

In February, we were at Developer Week 2019 in Oakland, California. Our CEO, Eliot Sun, gave a talk on Unified APIs and the future of application integrations, and we exhibited at the event. Read all about our experience at the event here. We’re happy to announce we’ll be at Developer Week 2020 this year, with multiple speaking sessions from Kloudless taking place.

Eliot’s Developer Week talk

In May, we flew out to Colorado for GlueCon 2019 and made our presence known. GlueCon is a unique event that focuses on technology first-and-foremost, aiming to eliminate the slick marketing and sales opportunities that surround so many of the other major tech conferences. Our Head of Content, David Hallinan, gave a talk that focused on Unified APIs and integration strategy that you can watch in full here. To read all about our experience at the event, go check out our post here.

Unifying Colorado conferences with Kloudless

Just recently, we were thrilled to be a part of TechCrunch: Disrupt 2019. We exhibited at the startup-centered event and had the exciting opportunity to meet with so many of our peers from across the globe. As veterans of the event, it was great to get back so many years later and see how the event has grown and evolved. Plus, it’s not everywhere you get to learn about tech with Will Smith and Steph Curry in attendance. Read all about our time at the event here.

Meet and Greet or Smile and Dial with Jordan

Keeping It Fresh

We are constantly updating our products to streamline and add functionality whenever possible. It would be nigh impossible to actually go over each and every new feature we added in 2019 without this post winding up being the length of War and Peace. However, there were a few stand out additions to Kloudless in 2019 that we are especially proud of and we wanted to highlight.

First off, we took aim at helping the construction industry with our addition of four of the most popular construction API connectors to our Unified Cloud Storage API: Procore, PlanGrid, Autodesk, and Bluebeam. We found that applications in the construction tech space were in need of cloud storage APIs as much as any other sector, and we worked hard to bring this functionality to our growing customer base of construction applications. You can read all about the release of our construction connectors here.

A match made in Heaven. (or the Bay Area, more likely)

Our most recent addition to Kloudless came towards then end of last year with our announcement of AWS Eventbridge functionality across all of our Unified APIs. We were proud to partner with Eventbridge to offer unrivaled API activity monitoring functionality to our customers who are already using AWS for their applications. Read all about the partnership and what you can expect from this new functionality here.

Let Your Kloudless Be Your Guide

Finally, our last contribution to 2019 was the release of our comprehensive Kloudless Guide to API Integrations. We worked very hard over the course of the year to amalgamate every lesson we possibly could into one unified page dedicated to helping your application’s integration strategy succeed. This guide offers helpful advice, lessons, tutorials, and more, on everything from initial user stories to finally deploying your application. The Kloudless Guide to API Integrations is now live and completely free, with no downloads or form-fills necessary to get started on your app’s strategic approach to API integrations. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

If you build it, they will come.

Onward and Upward

By no means has this article been an exhaustive recount of everything to happen to Kloudless in 2019. We also had an amazing company retreat in Sonoma, Ca, threw a black-tie holiday party, and released the first of our YouTube channel series

A team that retreats together, eats together.

But we’ve only got so much time and space in this post and the horizon of a new year beckons. We can’t wait to tell you about all of the exciting new things coming in 2020, but that will have to wait. We hope you’ve had as wonderful a year as we did, and we wish you and yours the very best in 2020.

Until next time. Happy New Year from all of us here at Kloudless.

Blame the waiter for leaving out a bunch of us in this pic. We’re still kinda salty over it.

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