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With the recent growth in front-end technologies, React has become one of the most popular frameworks. We’ve also seen interoperability among these frameworks become a high priority, especially when including vanilla JavaScript.

Therefore, it is pivotal for organizations to focus on interoperability for React developers. In this article, we introduce how to port a JS library to a reusable React component as well as a Higher-Order-Component (HOC). We also cover any obstacles we encountered along the way and offer helpful tips on how we went about resolving them.

We’re excited to announce our own DX Engineer, Shirley Lee, has had her newest article published today on NordicAPIs. In this article, we will cover how we port our JS library, File Picker, into a reusable React component. We will also provide an option to wrap your custom component in a Higher Order Component. React’s lifecycle methods make the process of porting a JS library to React much easier through the use of componentDidMountcomponentWillUnmount, and componentWillReceiveProps.

Head over to this link to read the article in full!


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