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Now that March has come to a close and we kick off spring, it’s a good time to reflect on what we’ve been working on this winter.

For Q1, we’ve launched a wide range of enhancements including updates to our Core API functionality, new integrations, improved team management, new UI tools and SDKs to get your integration started quickly, and more.

Core API improvements

  • Check out our new and updated approaches to access our APIs:
    • In January, we launched an improved API Explorer, so our developers could easily explore our platform without constantly referencing docs or falling back to cURL requests.
    • In February, we also launched a Postman collection to improve endpoint access for developers relying on Postman’s testing suite. Similar to the API Explorer, this is an interactive counterpart to our API docs to speed up testing and development.
    • Check out our completely overhauled SDKs for Python and JavaScript, re-written from scratch to support all of our latest features in today’s modern development environments. We have more SDKs in the works!
  • We also launched a new version of our Team API, v2, that extends v1’s read-only capabilities. v2 includes full CRUD operations to provision, deprovision, and update users and groups as well as group memberships. The initial release supports Office 365 and G Suite.
  • Forget all about Account IDs! All Kloudless API endpoints now supports the “me” alias instead of an account ID when authorizing requests with Bearer tokens, which already uniquely identify that user. We also support the alias “primary” for a user’s primary calendar. For example, retrieve all events in a user’s primary calendar with a request to /v1/accounts/me/cal/calendars/primary/events or the user’s root folder contents with /v1/accounts/me/storage/folders/root/contents.
  • It’s now easier than ever to migrate existing enterprise-level integrations to Kloudless, or from our cloud version to a self-hosted instance with improved support for importing and exporting admin Office 365 credentials responsible for org-wide access, as well as authorizing this type of access for Box Enterprise customers using the web OAuth flow rather than only the API endpoint.
  • Customize the level of access your integration requires to users’ accounts with our new support for raw third-party OAuth scopes.
  • Apps can now monitor specific resources in a third-party account, such as individual Google Drive Team Drives, or specific Google or Outlook calendars, by updating the Account’s metadata with the resources’ IDs. Keep an eye out this quarter for several further improvements to our activity monitoring!
  • Share your Kloudless apps with your colleagues with our new support for shared projects and project collaborators!

New Construction Integrations

Last month we launched a series of integrations to add construction connectors to our Unified Storage API. With Kloudless for construction, access documents in your users’ Procore, PlanGrid, Bluebeam Studio Prime, and Autodesk Forge (A360, BIM 360, and Fusion) accounts.

Storage API Improvements

Calendar API Improvements

Org-wide data access and event monitoring improvements

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) use Kloudless to access and monitor org-wide data and audit-type activity. Our latest v2 APIs are built from the ground up to accelerate time-to-market with this functionality across several cloud providers.

  • ShareFile and Egnyte now support all the scanning and governance functionality required for a CASB integration, including org-wide Audit Events, Sharing (Permissions and Links), and Users and Groups.
  • We’ve soft-launched support for Slack and Slack Enterprise Grid! Our latest Chat API supports accessing and updating message, conversation, file, user, and group data across an entire Enterprise Grid tenant.

More information

As you can see, it was a busy quarter. You can check out our full release notes online. Please send us your feedback on our product updates and let us know what we you’d like to see on our roadmap at support@kloudless.com!


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