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Kloudless Unified APIs enable you to code once and integrate many

“If time to market is important, and you need to do multiple services, Kloudless is a very good solution.“


Perception Point offers threat detection for the digital-first enterprise. In practical terms, they protect email, messaging, cloud storage and any content-exchange channel from APTs (advanced threats), phishing, BEC (social-engineering) and malware. 

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) appreciate Perception Point’s next-generation offering because it enables them to protect against multiple threat vectors, across multiple channels within one holistic solution. This enables them to work more efficiently while being more secure, especially as they move to the cloud. 


Perception Point needs access to the content itself in order to scan for threats. And that content lives across a myriad number of services, whether it consists of files in a cloud storage tool or customer records in a CRM system. For this reason, integration with popular cloud services is crucial to Perception Point’s ability to deliver on their promise. As VP of Product Benny Reich puts it, “we need to support multiple channels because that is how customers work today.”

The more customers they have, the more services they need to integrate with, especially when a single new customer’s data is spread across multiple apps. In this situation, many security solution vendors attempt to build each integration from scratch. This approach sequesters engineers from their primary responsibilities to focus their time and energy on the quirks and maintenance of each individual cloud service API

Perception Point wanted to avoid that delay and headache from the get-go. In Benny’s words, “the whole idea was to save development time and get a faster time to market. We needed speed.” Their initial vendor search revealed vendors that failed to meet their criteria for simplicity and speed to market. 


A search online for “Cloud storage unified API” and “Shared drive unified API” introduced Benny’s team to Kloudless.  From there, the development team used the Kloudless Unified Storage API to meet current customers’ demands for integration with SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Box, G Suite, and Dropbox. Benny reports, “Kloudless enabled us to do many integrations very fast.”

Here’s how it works. Perception Point prompts their customer’s IT admin to authenticate each app through the Kloudless unified OAuth flow. This enables Perception Point to authenticate accounts and authorize API requests in a uniform manner without having to implement JWT token exchanges or connector-specific OAuth flows.

Perception Point then uses Kloudless’ org-wide Activity Monitoring API to monitor activity occurring within any user account across an entire tenant at once. This includes not just changes to files and records, but also audit-type activity such as changes to collaboration permissions, login activity, and changes to users and groups.

The APIs above apply across all connectors supported by Kloudless. Perception Point uses the Unified Storage API to list all files tenant-wide in cloud storage apps specifically, impersonating individual users if necessary. This enables Perception Point to retrieve the files’ metadata, permissions, and binary contents. Their app can then take any appropriate action, such as un-sharing a file if a policy violation is detected.


Kloudless’ value to Perception Point is evident in the amount of time the engineering team saved. Benny attests, “a new integration with Kloudless can take a week whereas a native integration can take a month or two depending on the storage service. It enabled us to serve customers that we could not otherwise have now.” 

Thanks to letting Kloudless take storage integrations off their plate, Perception Point can use integration as a differentiator in customer conversations. So they not only free up their time, but they sweeten their offering to new customers.   

Looking Ahead

With storage integrations squared away, Perception Point’s engineers work hard on the business of security. Rather than amassing expertise in cloud app APIs, their team focuses on their primary competency, which is threat detection. 

In the future, they’ll likely add integrations with CRM, Slack, and more. When the time comes for any enterprise company to take on such a project, Benny advises, “If time to market is important, and you need to do multiple services, Kloudless is a very good solution.“

To learn all about how Kloudless can help your application’s integration strategy, check out our new official guide to API integration now!


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