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Kloudless Unified APIs enable you to code once and integrate many

We are thrilled to announce the release of our Unified Calendar API eBook, Schedule Easy, available now.

The Kloudless Unified Calendar API was built to simplify your application’s necessary scheduling functionality. Dealing with calendar integrations for your application can be a headache. Simply learning the ins-and-outs of a single calendar API service can take you weeks to months of work before your developers are finished building out an integration, much less having them incorporate multiple services. Your development team might be in for over a year of work after reading through documentation, prototyping, testing and bug fixes are finished.With Kloudless, allow them to code once and integrate to all of the powerful calendar services that your codebase needs.

In the fast-paced world of app development, speed to market is as important as anything. By the time your developers are through building out your app’s functionality, other applications competing for your market space may have launched already, leaving you with the burdensome task of differentiating your product from competitors by introducing even newer functionality or pivoting your business plan; both of which take up more of your company’s valuable time and money. Kloudless’ Unified Calendar API was built to alleviate these issues and allow your developers to focus on more important things like providing your application with the functionality it needs to set it apart from its peers.

Kloudless functions as an abstraction layer that sits on top of your application and handles integrations to many services by simply coding out once. You can integrate Calendar functionality for your end users from every major cloud calendar service provider at once by using our Unified API. It doesn’t matter what service your users need because integrating with Kloudless will allow them to access, sync and coordinate events between all of them.

This eBook covers everything you need to know about our powerful Unified Calendar API and many of its most requested and popular features. From learning about how our Meeting Scheduler UI Tool can get your users scheduling fast, to how our Unified Calendar API helped to save one company $75K and 6 months of development time in a year; this downloadable document is filled with stories, ideas, and articles to help you take the pain away from integrating scheduling functionality into your application.

Please head here to download now!


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