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Kloudless Unified APIs enable you to code once and integrate many

We’re right around the corner from this year’s RSA Conference, held in San Francisco from April 16-20! As the conference approaches, it’s the perfect time for enterprises to evaluate their security priorities for the coming year.

What’s new in cyber security?

Interest in cyber security solutions has risen dramatically this decade. We know that the average enterprise is increasingly adopting online cloud-based SaaS tools for use in a variety of situations, from workflows and productivity to software development. But as data moves from traditional on-premise content repositories to the cloud, data becomes fragmented across a multitude of ecosystems. As a result, new technologies are emerging to protect data outside the safety of a corporate firewall.

Source: Stacy Jones from Fortune graphs Wade Baker’s analysis of RSA data.

Given the sensitive nature of security in the enterprise, it’s imperative for an enterprise’s security initiatives to align and adapt to a continuously evolving threat landscape. Yet it’s no ordinary feat to uniformly and reliably monitor activity on every disparate cloud service used by an organization.

Announcing new Kloudless Security APIs

When we launched the first Kloudless unified API a few years ago, we didn’t expect the variety of data security solutions that we would enable. Several of our users, customers, and partners are RSAC sponsors, where they showcase security solutions connecting to business applications like Office 365 and G Suite via Kloudless.

As it turns out, our unified APIs offer strong benefits designed for apps offering security solutions for cloud services, including, but not limited to:

  • Capturing information on all organization data in the cloud service, and who can access it;
  • Monitoring any and all activity occurring organization-wide;
  • Remediating threats using the Kloudless unified APIs for Storage, CRM, ITSM, and more;
  • Running Kloudless Docker containers on-premises to meet and exceed custom security and compliance requirements.

We’re dedicating more time this quarter to improve our security solutions with robust and relevant features that our users have been asking for. Today, we’re excited to announce two new versions of API endpoints targeted specifically for security integrations:

  • Unified Audit Events

    • Kloudless makes a stream of event data available in a consistent format. This includes information on any data being modified as well as behavioral events like logins, sharing, user/group creation, etc.  
  • Unified Permissions

    • Access controls are vital to any security company, and these controls can be extremely complex. The Kloudless v2 Permissions API provides granular information on the various access levels available on objects.

See you at RSA!

We’re looking to launch additional data security solutions in the upcoming months to complement the suite of v2 endpoints we released today. At the RSA Conference, we’ll be learning more about current trends, so we can include the most relevant features in our solutions.

Interested in meeting up at RSA? Drop us a line at hello@kloudless.com!   


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