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Next week, on September 26th, we will be hosting our newest webinar, Simple Storage: Supercharge Your Cloud Integrations. Please head to the link provided above and sign up to take away valuable lessons for integrating storage APIs into your application!

Cloud-based storage API integrations are becoming more and more of a need in regard to modern web application functionality. The truth is, users will not adapt to your choices easily, and therefore you should give them as many cloud-based storage API possibilities as possible. Native integrations take time away from your own unique functionality and require months of implementation and maintenance for each connection. At the end of the day, you are not an evangelist for the integrations, so by choosing only a single one, or even a small handful, you are forcing yourself into a position of advocating for your choices. You should be focused on selling your application’s unique functionality, not the integration choices you decide to integrate with.

In this webinar, we will go in-depth into 4 different use cases for Unified APIs across different industries and solutions to show you exactly how to maximize your development production in a short and manageable timeframe. Unified endpoints and data models take the guesswork and research out of your developer’s hands, so they can focus on what’s really important for your organization: setting itself apart from the competition through unique functionality. More so, open-source UI tools provide a simple and quick way to authenticate users and allow them access to their preferred cloud-based services. Taking away the responsibility of integrating with each of these services separately gives your developers ample time to focus on your product roadmap’s internal needs.

This webinar will be hosted by David Hallinan, an Integration Strategist at Kloudless. Before stepping into the position, he worked as a software engineer and full-stack development teacher with years of experience in API integrations. He now works with organizations to help plan their integration strategy in the aim of maximizing their product roadmap’s efficiency, getting to market faster, and reducing future integration maintenance. The webinar will conclude with five to ten minutes of Q&A, so we would love to hear from you on your own product’s specific needs or further discuss any of the subjects covered.

We can’t wait to see you there, and we look forward to helping you and your application’s integration needs. To sign up, please click here and sign up today!

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