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Jen Taylor of Cloudflare on Effective Product Launch Planning

Product launches are quite possibly the most stressful moment in a product manager’s role. The culmination of months to years of hard work is finally ready to display to the world, and the ensuing public reaction will dictate much of a product’s future. Making sure that you have a good strategy for your product’s launch … Continue Reading

Five Hidden Obstacles with the Salesforce Streaming API

Introduction A previous blog post of ours provided a brief overview of the different options available for Salesforce events. Today, we’ll look at some hidden obstacles developers encounter when designing a solution that uses the Salesforce Streaming API, as well as just with Salesforce’s APIs in general. 1. Rate Limits We start with what seems … Continue Reading

Monitoring changes in Salesforce

Introduction Kloudless offers a unified Events API for developers to retrieve real-time notifications via Webhooks for any cloud service that we support. We’ve had to build a unique technical implementation for events from Salesforce based on the different options to efficiently track changes. Salesforce recently updated their platform with two new guides on how to … Continue Reading

Upcoming Events in July

With the Fourth of July, we’ve hit the (unofficial) halfway point of summer. The events and activities keep rolling strong! Where can you run into Team Kloudless? Tech Talks at Kloud Kantina We hosted a technical talk on graph databases by Neo Technologies’ Kenny Bastiani at the 7/2 Kloud Kantina. About 30 entrepreneurs, software engineers … Continue Reading

Upcoming Events in June

Memorial Day weekend (un)officially marked the start of summer and saw Team Kloudless at a number of events. First up, Hack UCI, where 200 hackers gathered for the final Major League Hacks event of the spring season. Eliot Sun, our CEO, and Vinod Chandru, our VP of Engineering, were on hand to help out with … Continue Reading

Where in the World is Kloudless?

It’s been a whirlwind that’s keeping Team Kloudless BUSY! Here’s what’s coming up soon — we hope you can join us for some (or all!) of these activities, because you are awesome and they’re just plain fun! Kloud Kantina Every other Wednesday, Kloudless hosts a free Happy (work) Hour for open co-working. Stop by with … Continue Reading