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Porting a JS Library to a React Component

This post was originally published on Nordic APIs in September of 2019. With the recent growth in front-end technologies, React has become one of the most popular frameworks. We’ve also seen interoperability among these frameworks become a high priority, especially when including vanilla JavaScript. Therefore, it is pivotal for organizations to focus on interoperability for React developers. In … Continue Reading

The New and Improved Kloudless File Picker 2.0

We here at Kloudless know the pains of API integrations as well as anyone. Once your developers wade through hundreds of pages of documentation, devote countless hours to writing the code to connect with an API service, and rigorously test all of these connections to ensure they stay sound, they are still left with the … Continue Reading

Storing user-uploaded content on S3-compatible services with Kloudless’ File Picker

When choosing the right cloud storage service to integrate into your application, you must first decide which type of storage best fit your needs. Does your app simply require the ability to share internal documents among coworkers, or are you looking to store thousands of user-uploaded pictures and high-quality video files? While both of these … Continue Reading

Upgrade your Toolbox: SDKs and File Picker

Kloudless developers have a new Ruby SDK, updated Python and Java SDKs, as well as an improved File Picker at their fingertips. SDKs A Ruby SDK is now available! Try it out here. The Python and Java SDKs have been upgraded to include the Team and Permissions endpoints, as well as the Management API. The … Continue Reading

Now Open-Sourced: Kloudless File Picker

Kloudless has open-sourced its File Picker, part of the Kloudless UI toolkit. The File Picker allows users to browse and select files and folders from their storage services. Developers can immediately access File Picker on GitHub, along with other software development kits (SDKs) and UI tools. Open-sourcing File Picker enables easier customizations, debugging and self-hosting … Continue Reading

Loathe Latency? Updated JS Libraries and New Regions

Updated JS library URLs We’ve switched to using a CDN to serve Kloudless JS libraries. While the old URLs work, you’re encouraged to switch to the new URLs for the File Picker and Authenticator JS libraries. Since a CDN optimizes for serving static files closer to your user, switching to the new URLs for either … Continue Reading

File Picker Updates: Two New Ways to Access Files

Downloading files via File Picker links The File Picker now accepts an option named ‘direct_link’. When true, the links created via the File Picker will download the file for the user, rather than present a view for the file in the appropriate cloud storage service. This functionality enables your app’s users to download and create … Continue Reading