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Making Sure the Message Sticks: Our Time at GlueCon 2019

Never was there a more beautiful Lyft ride than my journey from the Denver International Airport to Brookfield, Colorado, for the annual meeting of technical minds at GlueCon 2019. As we exited the airport’s roundabout, I gazed over to Blucifer, the demonic equestrian beast that stands guard over all who pass en route to their … Continue Reading

Kloudless will be at GlueCon 2019 next week!

Kloudless will be in beautiful Denver, Colorado next week for GlueCon 2019, the developer-oriented conference centered on providing the latest in-depth technical information in a welcoming and community-fostering format. Entering its 11th year of existence, the annual event is focused on a bevy of topics including APIs, containers, DevOps, Blockchain, microservices, and more. GlueCon prides … Continue Reading