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“We are in the business of empowerment. Our software and services empower our customers to focus on doing what they do best. We also seek to empower each other to achieve more.”

When I joined Kloudless as the People Operations Lead, I was motivated by my ambition to learn and grow as a professional. My CEO encouraged me to seek the necessary resources to develop my skills in Human Resources as the company scaled. I was determined to be a business leader and felt empowered by my manager to find the means to do so.

This past quarter I registered for a 12 week online course through the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and embarked on my journey towards a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification. I learned about business strategy, learning and development, talent acquisition, total rewards, and employee labor relations/employee engagement during my education. I also met a great instructor and a class full of savvy, like-minded HR professionals that I could lean on for advice. I’m excited to apply the knowledge I gained through my studies and use it to further Kloudless’ culture of empowerment. Together, leadership and Human Resources can shape the business strategy for our next stage of growth.

On the other side of the world in our Taipei office, my Office Manager Hannah runs the daily operations. She recently completed a similar set of HR courses and also passed her exam! I could not be more proud of her and the People Operations team as a whole for embodying the culture of empowerment.


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