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Kloudless Unified APIs enable you to code once and integrate many

When it comes to API integration terminology, you could publish an entire dictionary for terms specific to SaaS. Or, better yet, you could publish a glossary.

Well, lucky for you, that’s exactly what we just did!

We are proud to announce that the Kloudless SaaS API Integration Glossary is now live. Our comprehensive list of terms related to everything API contains over 300 definitions and can be used as your go-to tool for a quick primer on just about every question you have regarding integrations.

Not sure what affinity grouping is? We can help. Need to know the difference between Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service and Cloud Infrastructure as a Service? Look no further, for we are here to help. Tired of hearing about CASB, and not knowing what those letters stand for? We’ve got you covered!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Even the most seasoned of product managers or CTOs still needs a helpful reference guide every once in a while to clear up the differences between the hundreds of terms and acronyms that permeate the world of API integrations. We have spent considerable time making sure that if it relates to SaaS integrations in any way whatsoever, it is covered and defined in our glossary. We have even taken the time to elaborate on terms that are specific to what we do here at Kloudless so that anyone looking to fix their API integration problems can ascertain as much information as possible to make the decisions that their codebase needs.

Here at Kloudless, we solve integration problems. It’s what we do. Whether you’re looking to offer your users cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive, or you’re trying to incorporate Google Calendar or Outlook into your application, we can help. Our Unified APIs give your developers the ability to code once and integrate many, allowing your developers to focus on your application’s own internal functionality.

Don’t waste precious developer time on scouring documentation, fixing meddlesome bugs, or refactoring your code due to API version updates. Most codebases have a small window for success, which hinges mostly on your application’s ability to make it to market in time. Competitors in your sector pose a real threat to the long-term success of your product, and getting stuck dealing with integration woes can be the difference between releasing on time or getting sidelined for months to years. We know exactly how hard it is to stay on top of your API integrations when it comes to keeping functionality working, and we work hard to make sure that your application never experiences any problems due to API integrations.

Most importantly, your users want choices. They don’t want to be forced into using cloud storage, calendar, or CRM providers that they aren’t already ingrained in and comfortable with. By choosing only one integration, or a limited amount, you force your users to switch services to use your application in the first place. That’s a sure-fire way to lose potential users before they even have a chance to try your app at all. Give your future users what they want: choices.

To get started with Kloudless, sign up here to schedule a demo. In the meantime, head on over to our glossary and start brushing up on your SaaS integration terms!


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