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BigTinCan expands integrations portfolio with Kloudless, enabling them to close key deals to increase revenue by 53%


In researching a way to scale their CRM integrations, Bigtincan discovered Kloudless. The unified CRM API simplified their task by providing a single abstraction layer for most of the CRM functionality their integration needed.

With Kloudless, Bigtincan could perform CRUD operations to any object in a user’s CRM account, taking advantage of several standardized data models for common objects such as Accounts and Leads. Kloudless also supplied a unified query language that abstracted away the specifics of other query languages such as SOQL and Dynamics’. Furthermore, Kloudless tracked changes in the user’s account, including new, updated, and deleted objects, to provide unified sync capabilities between the application and any user’s CRM account.

And since Bigtincan engineers embedded the Kloudless API within their app, the end-users stayed within their branded product environment while they performed tasks. Eventually, Bigtincan took on customer companies who demanded increased data security measures. So Bigtincan deployed Kloudless on-premises where they could maintain maximum control and continue near-real-time data refresh.


As a result of using Kloudless’ unified APIs, Bigtincan’s engineering team returned their focus to their product roadmap. They enjoyed freedom from the headache of learning new API specs and writing new integration code.

Once Bigtincan connected to several cloud storage services, they noticed they integrated additional services 12 times faster than they had prior to leveraging a unified API. To ice the cake, Kloudless took care of the maintenance of the storage and CRM APIs they connected to, decreasing Bigtincan’s maintenance overhead by a factor of four.

On a macro-level and more importantly, Bigtincan’s seamless integrations further solidified their leadership in the sales enablement space. Given that Salesforce owns just over 20% of the CRM market, Bigtincan began capturing more customers who used Oracle and Microsoft, increasing Bigtincan’s total addressable market by several percentage points, and within a year, their overall revenue from deals they would have otherwise lost.

With the murkiness of integration work removed from their view, the future of Bigtincan looks brighter than ever. For more information about the Kloudless Unified CRM API, click here.

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