Empowering Employee Success with Calendar Integrations

The Solution

While a couple solutions on the market met some of the requirements, Kloudless met O.C. Tanner’s needs above and more. Given Kloudless’ expertise in the native cloud calendar service APIs, the Kloudless Unified Calendar API offered pre-built-in features that O.C. Tanner would no longer need to spend time building out–everything from CRUD endpoints for event data to real-time webhooks. What’s more, Kloudless took care of maintaining the calendar service integrations so the O.C. Tanner engineers wouldn’t have to. More so, If a new cloud service calendar provider emerged in the future that O.C. Tanner wanted to incorporate into their application, Kloudless could offer that functionality with no extra work on O.C. Tanner’s part. This was pivotal to their project.

They were also able to add functionality to their app that didn’t come out-of-the-box in every native cloud calendar service API, such as monitoring activity changes for specific calendars.

Kloudless also proved the right choice for its ability to access Exchange servers behind private firewalls by deploying a Kloudless Connect proxy to the customer’s network. More specifically, O.C. Tanner deployed a HA cluster of Kloudless Docker containers within its private infrastructure that could connect to both cloud and on-prem calendaring systems. Click here for a more detailed account of how to use Kloudless to connect to Microsoft Exchange server.


O.C. Tanner estimates that using Kloudless saved upwards of $75K and six months of development time within a year. Furthermore, providing such a deep level of end-user options within the Culture Cloud differentiates O.C. Tanner from its competitors whose products are limited to automation rules and the functionality of the native APIs. Thanks to fast deployment of calendar service integrations at scale, O.C. Tanner can focus on what it does best–helping workers thrive.

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