Set It and Forget It: The Power of Unified APIs for Construction Tech

The Solution

Thanks to their embedded integrations from Kloudless, allows users to sync videos and documents from any cloud storage service into automatically. uses the Kloudless Storage API’s file and folder CRUD, download, and upload capabilities to connect and access media files in apps such as Box and Egnyte. 

Users can connect their individual cloud storage accounts via’s implementation of the unified Kloudless OAuth flow, which abstracts away the specifics of authenticating with individual providers. regularly queries for any changes to user content in cloud storage to sync it back over to their app. With the Kloudless API, companies can also benefit from webhooks and an Events API activity stream to assist with efficiently syncing new, updated, or deleted user content.


Vlad admits that if had built each integration themselves, they would have spent a month or two of engineering and QA time per connector (storage service) because each has its own quirks. With Kloudless, implemented a proof of concept in a few weeks’ time.

“As our business continues to grow, we find our customers want to integrate more new sources of data into,” says VP of Sales and Marketing Mike Perozek. When that happens, can leverage Kloudless to easily and quickly connect to new systems at any time. Not only will they quickly hook up additional storage providers, but they’ll do so with quality support services from Kloudless at their disposal.

In this way, Kloudless enables to fast track product innovation. For example, rather than dealing with integration outages, the engineering team can devote its time to improving’s analytics and predictive capabilities.

Mike concludes, “Kloudless helps us to be more responsive to customer requests and to deliver on an important value proposition for our customers: making it fast and easy to implement”

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